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  1. Brilliant improvement acantor. THANKS. The older windows would allow everyone to use the keyboard in case there was no mouse, but the newer versions, not so much. I was wondering if there was another key set that can move those tabs. BINGO.
  2. I was able to get it to work using <ctrlu><altu><ctrld><page down><ctrlu>. Need to end with upping the modifiers or else your computer is fried! Suggestion to staff: make the capture program record down and up control and alt keys instead of merely <alt> etc. since that's just not gonna cut it. I wonder if that's the issue with needing to double alt?
  3. A popup has four tabs. I need to get two tabs away. The normal way to do it is by pressing control-pagedown-pagedown (letting up on the pagedown and pressing down again, all while holding down the control key) I can't get it to work as a macro. Seems like the characters go to inside the dialogue box or something. Any ideas?
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