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  1. Hahaha, great reply! Sadly the first number will be between 0-3, oh i wish i could make it
  2. Hi, is it possible that after I have written 6 numbers in the box shown in the picture that macro express pro can run a macro automaticly? As in the macro that's going to run will only run after 6 numbers have been typed in this box. If you know which commands that can be used to make this I will be eternally grateful:)
  3. Hi, is there a good guide somewhere that teaches us the use of variables and if commands? I've seen macro express guides, but there barely any good examples. Would be super grateful for help:) Sincerely MJ
  4. Thanks for the reply Samarae! Does the picture look like you described it? Doesn't change the value on the highlight. I might be doing something wrong:) Edit: Did add Clipboard Paste at the end, still nothing.
  5. Thanks for the reply Cory! I'm quite the newbie with strings and variables, and the tutorials dosn't cover what i'm trying to do. Could you help me with how the code would look like? I'm starting off with highlighting the number that I want to subtract one off, then I want the macro to subtract one number off the highlighted number. I tried with Variable Modify Integer: %Subtract[1]% and im kinda lost on ( value 1 and 2) and how to connect the variable and integer and which one to use.
  6. Hi! I've tried for several hours now to create a macro that can subtract one number of the current one that's in the highlighted field. Example: "500" is the highlighted number, and I want to execute the macro and subtract the number by 1 so it becomes 499 (the field is in the picture) Anyone please have any starters on how to create this? Tried with several integer variables. Sorry for my english.
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