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  1. I re-read the previous response and had difficulty selecting the information to the end of the line that I am on. Unfortunately the information is not in a bulleted list or formatted with returns at the end of each line that I can tell. I tried using Ctrl Shift End which should have gone to the end of the line but what it selected was everything to the end of the email. I tried this both while looking at the email inside a browser, and I also copied and pasted the entire text of the email into notepad, and the command would select all the lines to the end of the email. Is there a different command i should have used?
  2. I too have a similar situation and need some information extracted either from an order when it comes in through Gmail. Here is the situation. An email from Barnes&Noble comes in notifying us a customer is ordering an item.. Every email has this information listed on separate lines (So it would copy data to the end of the line) Ship To: Mrs. Jane Doe 1234 Coppers Lane Macro Express, ME 12345-6789 What I would like to know is: Can I extract this data from my emails into variables in Macro Express 3.11a, or would this be a feature in one of the upgraded versions. If I can do it in this version, what are the basics on how to go about this. (Would I simply run the macro in the opened email in my browser to let it extract the variables there, or would I need to copy the entire email out to the clipboard or a text file?) After I have this information set into variables I would have no problem manipulating the data into where I need it with the rest of the macro. Thank You for your assistance... Don Bulger.. This item must be shipped by: xxx Your SKU: xxx Title: xxx Contributor/Manufacturer: xxx Condition: xxx Sold to: xxx xxx@aol.com Order ID: 0123456789 Ordered on: 1/8/19 Price: 3.0 Commission: 0.45 Shipping Allowance: 3.75
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