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  1. I would like to build 2 macros, one to hold the control key and the right arrow key down and another to release the control key and the right arrow key. Thanks, Tee
  2. acantor, Here is the response I got back from the KnowBrainer forum regarding my problem: Edgar has posted a message entitled KnowBrainer and shellexecute. The following message was posted on: Friday January 18, 2019 11:40:24 AM In the KnowBrainer example you need to use SendKeys like this: SendKeys "+^%9", 1' note that I have removed the curly braces So both methods now work correctly when I am using KnowBrainer. You might like to take a look at the very active KnowBrainer forum for reference when you have questions about Dragon. You might even want to look at KnowBrainer. Thanks so much for your help and especially your patience. Tee
  3. acantor, I must apologize. I have been used a Dragon add-in named KnowBrainer for so many years that I had forgotten that it really is a separate program. When I loaded Dragon without KnowBrainer and put the commands into the MyCommands editor of Dragon I got the same results that you have reported. Although the Shell method of calling the Macro Express macros work fine, I am investigating this further and will let you know what I find out. Thanks so much for hanging in there with me. Tee
  4. SendSystemKeys "{Ctrl+Shift+Alt+9}" Error : Invalid instruction SendKeys "{Ctrl+Shift+Alt+9}" Error: (10111) Invalid key name SendSystemKeys "{^+%9}" Invalid instruction SendKeys "{^+%9}" Error: (10111) Invalid key name Using SendSystemKeys returns the error Invalid instruction no matter the number of modifiers or method of identifying the keys. Using SendKeys returns the error Invalid key name no matter the number of modifiers or method of identifying the keys Enter the key strokes from the keyboard always executes the command, without the name of the site, of course.
  5. After I recreated the scripts, the attached Shell command method seems to be working consistently. I am not running this as administrator. I was unable to get the Hot Keys method to work. The command SendSystemKeys "{Ctrl+Shift+Alt+9}" produce the error message Invalid Instruction. Thanks for all the help. Tee
  6. Thanks, acantor. When I run the command SendSystemKeys "{Alt+Shift+Ctrl+9}" on my computer, I get the error message shown in the attached file. When I run the Shell command method, the program runs all the way through but does not produce any results. The macro seems to run consistently when I key in the Alt, Shift, Ctrl and 9 keys. I am running Windows 10, Macro Express Pro 6 and DPI 15.3. Could the problem be with Windows 10? Thanks for your help with this. Tee
  7. Thanks, Samrae. I forgot to mention that I am using the latest programs for both Dragon and Macro Express, DPI 15.3 for Dragon and Macro Express Pro 6. I have tried Tools/Restore Keyboard and Mouse Hooks. I have also set the Option/activation/hooks/Auto restore the keyboard and mouse Hooks. All of this to no avail so far. Tee
  8. Any suggestions as to why the Shell command method nor the hot key method shown below will activate the MacroExpress, also shown below? The Macro Express macro works as expected alone. I just can't activate it from Dragon. Thanks, Tee Dragon Sub Main ' Shell command method - Macro Express nickname FillWithRobo Shell "C:\Program Files (x86)\Macro Express Pro 6\MeProc.exe /AFillWithRobo" 'Hot Key method Ctrl+Shift+Alt+9 ' SendKeys "^+%9" Wait 2 SendKeys ListVar1 Wait 0.2 SendKeys "{Enter}" End Sub' Macro Express <COMMENT Value="==========================================================================="/> <COMMENT Value="opened the window for RoboForm Search"/> <COMMENT Value="----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------"/> <MOVE MOUSE TO NOTIFICATION AREA ICON Icon="RoboForm: fills forms, manages passwords" Exact="FALSE" Center="TRUE" Left="0" Top="0"/> <COMMENT Value="Change focus to Search box "/> <WINDOW ACTIVATE Title="RoboForm Search Box" Exact_Match="FALSE" Wildcards="FALSE" _IGNORE="0x0006"/> <COMMENT Value="Clear any existing text "/> <TEXT TYPE Action="0" Text="<DELETE>"/>
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