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  1. Thanks to both of you for the tips. They inspire me to use MX a lot more than I do.
  2. Here's what shows in V3. I was wrong that it was a dedicated column. It's appended to the scope category, but is still useful for sorting. Multiple programs are just listed in alphabetical order. Sorting doesn't work for any but the first, but it's a minor drawback.
  3. I don't have v3 installed either, but I was thinking that was the reason the column was removed. I never assigned multiple programs to a scope, so I never ran into the issue. If they decide to resurrect the column, they could show only program names for macros with a single program and a literal such as "Multiple" for the others. Is it possible to have ver 6 and ver 3 installed on the same machine? If so, I'll check out how version 3 handles multiples.
  4. The Activation pane is what's in my screenshot in the previous post. That only shows the program for the currently selected macro. What is missing is the column that showed the program for all macros. It's sad is that it was a feature in prior versions, but was removed. I'll make the request to resurrect it. Thanks.
  5. Nope, that's a user-entered value. I mean the actual program assigned in the scope: The part I underlined is the Program specified in the scope. That used to appear in a sortable column, which was essential for finding all macros associated with a specific program. Now that that column doesn't exist, I don't see any way to find all macros with the scope "SEGUIDE.EXE"
  6. I just upgraded to Pro version 6 after using version 3 for many years. Explorer no longer has a column that shows the program associated with the macro, just the scope of either Global or Window/Program Specific. You can't sort by program anymore, and you now have to step through the entire list while keeping your eye on the footer to find macros associated with a specific program. Is this intentional? Am I missing something that will show all macros associated with a specific program?
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