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  1. Gee, that's not what I wanted to hear. ☺️ I suppose there isn't much of a chance that Macro Express will be updated so it can be used in UWP applications. I don't need Edge, but I was curious how the macros worked in Edge on a forum I participate in. Now I know not to use it. Thanks for the info. It is appreciated. GDZ
  2. I have a set of macros that I regularly use in Chrome and Firefox but in Edge, it's like Macro Express is even loaded. Literally, nothing happens when I hit the hotkeys. Has anyone an idea what the problem is and how to fix it? I'm using Macro Express 5 (v. in Windows 10 (v.10.0.17134 Build 171734) Thanks in advance for your help. GDZ
  3. rberq: >>>But ME has no inherent way to watch for completion, unless you program it into your script.<<< Is there a way to do that? Additionally, would there be anything to gain by saving the text to a text variable and then have it posted from the variable instead of the clipboard? Thanks for your help. GDZ
  4. All: Unfortunately, upgrading has the same problem. At acantor's suggestion, I used the "Clipboard Paste" command but the problem was the same; the [/QUOTE] command was inserted before the text was placed in the post. By inserting a delay of 750 milliseconds, it worked okay on the test I was running. Following is the code as used and the results: I'm not sure how the "delay" command works. I guess it's possible that if inserting a long text block, it might put the "end-quote" command in the middle of the text. Time will tell, I guess. I wish Macro Express had a command that held up further processing of the macro until all commands prior to that command had completed. If there is such a command, I'm unaware of it. Comments anyone? GDZ
  5. acantor and rberq: To answer your questions: I'm not using Dragon. I'm not using Word. I'm copying text from a post that appears in Chrome and pasting it into a Chrome webpage similar to what I'm writing in right now. The "backquote" is pure text, from a single sentence to several paragraphs of text written previously. The macro got all screwed up when I tried to reproduce it here so following is a screenshot of it" Variable T1 is the name of the person to whom I'm writing that was captured in an earlier macro. Variable T8 is the URL of the post I'm responding to that was captured in an earlier macro. Variable T9 is the forum message number. Variable T8 and T9 formk to the message being replied to Following is a screenshot of the results of the macro. After I wrote my first message, I realized that my version of Macro Express is out of date. I have purchased an upgrade but not yet installed it. As soon as I can get it installed and test this macro, I'll let you know if that makes any difference. Thanks for your help. GDZ
  6. Re: The following macro: (Line 1) Variable Restore All Variables (Line 2) Text Type: <ENTER> My problem is that the macro executes Line 6 before executing Line 5. I'm running this in Windows 10. Macro Express is V3.11.1.1 The macro is one of many I use when writing posts on the Forumania forum. Line 1 makes the variables available for use Line 2 enters the command and moves to the next line Does anyone know how to fix this? Thanks for your help. GDZ
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