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  1. If I can not get M.E. to be launched as needed, then I will just launch it with windows.
  2. Had written a detailed account about not knowing how to apply your code, then discovered Date/Time in Variables command, set the format I wanted, and presto - it works. Thank you. However, what if Macro Express is not yet launched ? Ideally, JUST pressing CTRL D should enter today's date - Will that require M.E. to be launched at (every) StartUp ?
  3. CTRL: inserts the date in Excel; I want that functionality on a hotkey in Windows. I think it is likely that it already exists - but what is it ?
  4. I found 'Configure bug report' in the Options menu, but clicking on that produced no effect.
  5. Cory - I know which macro runs when that happens. I had recently added 'Terminate Macro Express' at the end; adding a sufficiently long delay before that, stops the error from showing.
  6. Recently a Macro Express icon has been appearing in the Task Bar - and also the error message as in the appended pic. When I close the error message, the Macro Express icon disappears from the Task Bar. So I infer that something about the workings of Macro Express has offended Windows. How can I prevent the error message from appearing ?
  7. The program is active after my three-line macro. I have highlit the variables "I tried to do that with the right number of TABs" when that did not work I replaced the tabs with ENTER, that works MANUALLY. I'm not confirming anything - I repeat 'I am not sure' I entered Notepad as shown in the second screen shot. The macro launches notepad and the insert marker is in Notepad ready to enter text. "It's not normally visibly evident that a program is running in elevated mode" but something must trigger the elevation of that mode. It is not needed, but if it happens, I have no idea what triggers the elevation.
  8. None of Ctrl+Alt+C Shift + Alt + F3 Ctrl + Shift + Numpad 3 have any effect after Casper has launched "Is the program definitely active when the macro ends?" at this point I have only 'test run' the macro, so I am not sure that it ends. But in that test, a Casper window gets launched and is susceptible to manual mouse clicks. "Try adding a Window Activate before the Enter. " I had done that, but the window stays 'unmoved'. There is an option to specify VARIABLES, but I can not begin to understand what is required there. 2s is the longest delay i have tried. Adding a 0.1s delay after ENTER effects NO improvement. "Are you sure another operation is not needed before the Enter?" I am NOT sure. After Casper launches, a selection must be made. I tried to do that with (the right) number of TABs, but that failed to achieve the desired result. "replace Casper.exe with another program that you know always responds to Enter directly after launch" That is a challenge that will take time to work out. a second ENTER improves nothing "I just run it, so there is no reason to think it needs administrative privileges." is my answer to Samrae’s question.
  9. Yes, I launch it from a shortcut, the Properties of which are in the 'attached' image. I can't detect any parameters. I just run it, so there is no reason to think it needs administrative privileges. Adding 'Wait for window title' does not improve things. Casper opens, which is all I could expect from a RUN command - it's the progress after that which is lacking, and I would not know how to code that into RUN. The delay before i responded was because I did not get the expected alert about replies.
  10. When I manually open Casper and press ENTER, it presents a dialog window allowing further progress. That dialog window does NOT open when I run a macro with the code as in the uploaded image where I have coded for action that replicates what I do manually. How can I get the macro to produce the same result as my manual process ?
  11. I withdraw the post - as I have been able to fix the problem, by 'providing' the system tray icon.
  12. I run a number of successful batch files to enable a macro's activation by mouse click : <<Start "" "C:\Program Files\Macro Express Pro\MacExp.exe" /AMACRO Cls>> I've now built a macro that works well except when activated by a batch file as above. I get an error
  13. I've discovered the useful error message at the bottom of the script page; and been able to make progress by BROWSING for the parameters of a program launch, rather than typing them in.
  14. I've tried KILLTASK and a command line - neither succeed in killing Avast. Command line denies me access. But 'stopping Avast till next reboot' from the context menu of the Avast icon in the systray IS viable.
  15. I have looked at Snip & Sketch and found it less appropriate for my use than Snippingtool. There may be other instances where it is better. In the meantime, i would REALY like to be able to run Snippingtool in a macro.
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