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  1. As it is now 4.20am, I will leave that task for daylight. I will keep you posted.
  2. I was able to EXPORT all my macros, but that is a very small file compared to a backup (based on the size of a a backup I achieved years ago); so to be sure I don't lose valuable data, I tried to do a backup, but even for the default location I got an error message saying 'access denied'. How can I fix that ?
  3. The problem turns out to be my misrepresentation of the facts, because I misunderstood what was happening. I had imported two macros, and tested only one. It failed and I assumed both failed. The failure was because I had taken the opportunity to rename the macro more appropriately, but not made that change in the batch file that calls the macro. Once I had done that, it worked. Another (that I had not tested) would have worked all along. MEP works as before - thank you for your input.
  4. I continued a new phase of this thread in another post, where both Cory and rberq have replied, so will 'continue ' there.
  5. In a thread called DISABLEMENT, I described how MEP had stopped working and that it works again. Since I had uninstalled and then re-installed MEP, I needed to 'restore' the macros, and chose to restore only the text-strings (for starters). I'm no longer quite sure how I did it. I tested them and they work. Anyway, with MEP working again, I also wanted to restore the 'function' macros. I had expected to be able to export them 'in bulk' from another PC, but did not succeed in that. so I exported them individually. Then imported them - individually - into 'this' system where the problem had been. The batch files in which they were referenced, do not work [like they used to]. In the previous thread, Cory suggested that the macros had not been loaded, and maybe that is the problem now. I suspect that MEP is working from one .mex file (for all the text strings) and that file does not include the .mex files for the 'function' macros. How do I get them incorporated into the one file that MEP operates from ?
  6. MEP is working again now, so we could end this thread.
  7. To open one, File > Open File.... That is too cumbersome for my purposes - I want to activate them by hotkey. But I will keep that in mind for future troubleshooting.
  8. I've since discovered the 'no macros selected' applies to ONE macro - possibly for editing. For future reference, how does one 'load' a macro ?
  9. It has come good after reboots. And I think also placing a tick for automatic the key/mouse hooks.
  10. It worked when I tested entering text strings into Notepad, but later in REAL applications, the hotkeys gave the wrong responses AGAIN, so the solution was only temporary.
  11. Although a 'fatal error' occurred when I tried to create a new category - nevertheless it got created; and once I moved a macro into that, its hotkey worked.
  12. I've noticed that in the MEP Explorer window, in the left pane, there is a no longer a tree of categories, and at the bottom it says 'no macros selected'
  13. In Tools menu, I found an entry 'Restore mouse & keyboard hooks', so ticked that. Now there is NO response to pressing hotkeys, instead of incorrect response.
  14. I have tried to run MEP with anti-virus disabled - NO improvement. Ditto for running after booting into Safe Mode. I have found/seen the button for 'Follow Topic', so have activated it, in the hope I will receive email alerts.
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