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  1. Ok, so a couple of years back, I wrote what was essentially a "Bot" in ME Pro that traded cryptocurrencies. It would analyze Bollinger Band spreads, RSI and even draw the Fibonacci Retracements before assessing whether it should buy / sell. Based on those indicators, it would then check its wallet, calculate the trade fee and then based on the spread and depth of the current candlestick - it would then make a .002 trade when the conditions were right (.002 on top of the .0015 fee, so a .0035 trade). Then it would proceed to do this indefinitely with no mistakes (ever surprisingly), but average about 4-6 times a day. So my profits were between .008 and .012 per day (0.8% & 1.2% respectively). Now, I was able to achieve all of this with ME Pro pretty effectively and it really took about a month to do. However, it became clear to me something pretty huge one night when the market spiked almost $1500 in just a few minutes. The bot I wrote in ME, the way it was gathering its data was really just an approximation of the true numbers, and even though it never made a bad trade, I suddenly wanted more out of the bot, something I couldn't get from ME. So I learned Python and began polling API data from the exchanges and at first populated the data to the bot in ME using a Python backend...but then I realized EVERYTHING you can do with Python for this same thing, so I made a 95% transition of operations over to Python, but I'm still in need of SOME things that can really only be gathered from ME - well... not only, but more easily. 1. Can I declare a global variable to windows so that when called upon in say, Dos shell, its contents can be parsed into Python? -If yes, can I concatenate a series of local variables inside ME - deliminated with a comma or something (but not necessary) and then just declare that string to said global variable? 2. Is there a way I can execute macros directly from my Python bot so when something critical is going on I can execute my phone call bot that calls me on all devices and plays music to the speakers in my pillow? Because currently, the Python bot just runs and runs, and when it needs to use a macro, populates a text file with "something" that is in my watcher macro bot's "dictionary" so it knows what macro to run and to suspend the watcher? Being able to execute directly from Python would be amazing, but again, not absolutely necessary as I've been using these workarounds for a while, but I've been wondering this stuff for some time. Btw, for step 1, I'm already able to get the data out of my local variables but its clunky and would be much faster with a global variable option. Also, I apologize if anything I wrote here is just obvious and I should know this as a programmer... I taught myself ME as a kid like 18-20 years ago (don't remember exactly how long now). And as far as Python, J#, VB etc., I learned them from books so I don't have the structured formal guidance like I would have gotten in college. Be easy on me please, I'm really just a layperson here. Any tips would be great, thanks in advance **EDIT - BTW, I made the switch to Python initially for exactness over the approximations I was getting from ME, but now that I have a faster access to the data and the exact numbers, I made the 95% switch to Python because its doing 20-40 trades a day across 100+ markets (the whole exchange)
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