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  1. The control only seems capable of grabbing whatever default field is available. It definitely grabs the app suucessfully but either I dont know how or cant grab specific parts of it. Ill try the hotkey idea. And how do I remove scopes?
  2. Oh well.. this is definitely NOT new either. Site says it came out when Win 95 was out lol
  3. This didnt solve it.. however.. what did work was entering two spaces after my user name, and then as I typed my password it started on that second line. Thing of it is though, it doesnt really solve the problem and wont help in the subsequent menus. This macro is really just getting started.
  4. Okay, I'll give this a try.. but what is the "repeat" that it's slowing? I'm not repeating anything.
  5. Also, I'm pretty sure the field just had a character limit so continued down below.- WAIT. If it continued down below you'd think it wouldn't consider it a separate field.. and yet, when I TAB normally with my keyboard it does indeed work.. hmm..
  6. I'll try again. I think last time I just put 2 second delays between everything. But I had not tried slowing the actual keystrokes. I'm prepared to try anything but I can say I got wind of ME, because other people used it for the same system. And it enters keys just fine prior. Again willing to try anything but it in no way registered the key up/down portion earlier.. Will reply back.
  7. Okay, how about this- rather than using a simple TAB key which for some apparent reason has so far proved impossible... I simply get control of each line separately? Currently I use: Get Control: (TN3270.EXE) Using z-order -> %C[2]% I then Text type some credentials using Send Text Directly to Control %C[2]% and <ENTER> (without issue, it goes to next menu) It then has a 2 second Delay before entering my user name (no issues) I again use Send Text with %C[2]%: ThisIsUserName (no issue, it gets in but all stops here) **Forgive me the other system is tightly controlled, and I would have to hand-type it all here to paste** I'm still new to things so trying to read up more on this Control function and use of variables. Understanding my original intent, and this possible workaround to get control of this emulator at different points inside, is that- a) possible? b) could anyone point to similar tutorials/explanations or provide? *I'm running the latest Portable version of ME Pro* Example of my frustration with say Youtube tutorials is 3 or 4 Calculator tutorials that are a) outdated (wont press the keys) and b) not the same situation. I don't see any videos out there with people filling out forms created as such.
  8. Maybe this has to do with the sending text through control initially and it not letting go of that point? Any other ideas? Forgive me if I didn't reply back to a suggestion. I'll re-check everything shortly.
  9. Thank you so much for this! Good info! I have you guys.. and the one and only book on this Earth (J. Weinpert), written on this software.. and it's clearly outdated. **EDIT: To clarify, this wasn't a fix but great info!**
  10. Yeaaaa. Unfortunately, it didn't take. I do not get this- my keyboard can type it- the keyboard clearly is sending commands.. agh!
  11. Hi! Thanks, but to the first- there needs to be a TAB between the User Name and Password, that one doesn't have it. A few tests have resulted in part of my password being entered on the User Name line. Spaces are also read as an incorrect password. There must be a TAB use or equivalent. To the second suggestion, I did the simulate keystrokes and used the key down and up and it did not work. It then proceeded to enter the first 2 characters of my password on the User Name field, before the rest spilled over into the Password area.
  12. In Direct Editor, this <TEXT TYPE Action="2"...what's this action 2? Should every text have it's own number and just change sequentially (action 2, action 3, etc)? Or does the "2" signify a specific type of action?
  13. I haven't tried the TAB anywhere else but I can try maybe before the ID is entered. The script is in the act of running prior- it enters my user name just fine so I can see the script running.
  14. If I understand correctly, I'm just initiating it within ME. It first GETS control of the window (successfully), then types a menu option (successfully), bringing it to the login screen. It then successfully uses Text Type to enter in the Login ID. The TAB comes next, which fails.
  15. So to be clear, after the one reply I tried editing it to just <TEXT TYPE Action="0" Text="<TAB>"/> Should I try literally just <TAB>?
  16. So haven't had a chance to recreate but I did also try simply the "Down" key and "Page Down" with my keyboard, this accomplished the same thing. But also fails to work through the macro. I did notice TAB is not listed in this keyboard layout on the right? But doesn't explain the Page Down or basic Down Arrow not functioning.
  17. Sorry, swore I typed it right... <TEXT TYPE Action="0" Text="<TAB>" _PROMPT="0x0004" _PROMPT="0x0005"/>
  18. Right now, when I view in Direct Editor it says: <TEXT TYPE Action="0" Text="<TAB>" _PROMPT="0x0004" _="0x0005"/>
  19. Okay, it's inside Mocha 3270 (remote emulation software). It's at the point of a remote login session. I can also tell you I checked the key mapping, and "TAB" is tied to "NEXT", and I can tell you when the TAB key is pressed it does always move down to the second line (the one I'm trying to get to). Attached is a pic example. I'll try to recreate the debugger issue shortly.
  20. All great info- thanks. I used the recorder just to see if it would pick up some extra key strokes or something I didn't realize I was doing. And yes, I forgot to take out mouse moves the first time-LOL! It was a mile long! To the pic- I hesitated because of security concerns. Let me see what I can do.. I'll have to see what's proprietary, etc. I'll reply again in a few minutes. Also, UWP- Universal Windows Apps? Why would those fail? It works up until the TAB. And thinking about it, I can probably use the down arrow but it's important to me to know the "why". BRB....
  21. Short and sweet: I cannot friggin TAB down- grr! I cannot for the life of me figure out why I can successfully automate the grabbing of a window, and entering a username, but when I try to simply tab down to the next field below it will not work. When I use the recorder, it records nothing but <TAB>. When I select a notepad box as a debugger window, in one case, it actually tabbed inside the debugger. In another attempt I got it to simulate text type of my password into the debugger but not the actual window. Pretty savy, huge into VBA macros.. but new to ME. What I find on Youtube (that isn't 12 years old) is lacking. :(
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