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  1. That did not work. But now I tried your tip with MacDef.exe. Yippieh, now i have Syntax checking back again. You were very helpful for me, thankyou Samrae 😀✨
  2. Hello Samrae, Thank you for your informations! There are no entries for the program in my registry. I have now noticed that I am using the portable version. Is it because of it? In the MacExp.ini file I found a [Editor] section with the entry Check syntax = 1 Your Tip with MacDef.exe I haven't tried yet. Best regards, sokobana
  3. Hello dear forum friends. I have a problem with MEP that I think is caused by myself. In the past, a syntax check was carried out when saving or exiting a macro. It's gone now. How can I get it back? Thankyou, sokobana
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