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  1. In my last job, we encountered a lot of situations where we wanted to gather data from archival documents like PDFs where the text was very regular, consistent, and always in the same font and size. I had developed the means to read targeted text by comparing pixel colors to the background color. I was able to "read" data off of these documents very quickly and it streamlined a lot of processes. It worked best with standard fonts, for example non-italic, non-bold. I created a character map database that lived in a submacro and compared pixel groupings in the document to the database. The data
  2. Has anyone ever experimented with structured programming methods? Before I retired, I began creating extremely complex macros using structured programming to create what can be thought of as subroutines with repeatable calls and returns dependent on the values of certain variables to control the logical flow. It brought Macro Express programming up to the level of the more advanced languages. I highly recommend it.
  3. Add a line or a loop that causes a delay until the window is closed. When the window is closed, the macro will complete and will not launch again until the target window is opened.
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