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  1. acantor / Samrae Thank you for your replies. When I started my PC on Tuesday all the Sample Macros were there. I've no idea what happened or why I have two (the first one is empty). It all seems to work now Many thanks Mike
  2. PROBLEM All my Sample Macros have gone! ANALYSIS When I started my PC this morning there was a Pop-up window from Macro Express stating ‘Unable to find [something something file]’. Now my samples.mex folder is empty. SOLUTION Q1. How/why did this happen? Q2. How do I get the Sample Macros back? Many thanks - Mike
  3. terrypin, Thank you very much indeed for your reply that's really useful. I will try out what you suggested (and various combinations). Mike
  4. I’m new to Macro Express – please be gentle! PROBLEM How can I bring a particular Chrome Tab into Focus so that I can use it. ANALYSIS I am using - Windows 10 - Chrome - Macro Express Pro – two screens On my First screen I have an Excel list of Part Numbers On my second screen I have 10 Chrome tabs and I need to bring the second Tab (called ‘Parts’) into Focus so that I can paste a part number and then ‘Enter’. When the ‘Parts’ tab is - in Focus / Active / the top Tab – the macro works ok BUT when another Tab (say Accou
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