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  1. I know Ctrl+P invokes the print menu, but unfortunately my requirements aren't that simple. I need a handful of reports to print on a schedule. (5:30A, M-F) 1) Open the report in Crystal (I can get Crystal to open, but I can't get it to point to a specific report) 2) Send the report to a specific printer (I can invoke printing to a default printer, but I can't figure out how to designate a specific printer) 3) Set printer options to 8 copies, single sided, stapled (I have no idea how to access printer properties through MEP) **for two of the reports, I need to set a date parameter to "today()+120"
  2. Ok, so I reached out to their tech support and it appears there is conflict between their app and Jeff-Net. Therefore, the Report Commander is not an option for us. Back to square one: I don't know how to make MEP print something.
  3. I am testing out the Report Commander, but I can't get it to actually log into our server. Not sure what the issues is and/or if it is related to the fact that I have a trial version. ???
  4. I have a series of Crystal reports I need to send to a specific printer each morning at a designated time (with finishing options such as double sided and stapled). I haven't been able to find options within ME Pro to allow me to do this. Has anyone successfully accomplished a task like this yet? If so, can they share with me the specifics on how to do it? Much appreciated!
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