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  1. Thank you al for the responses and suggestions. Here is a truncated version of the problem macro (attached). The way it works is to open a Google Calendar (I use the weekly view mostly) and hover the mouse over the time slot you wish to make an appointment in. (The complete version of the macro takes the calendar data and then goes to Filemaker and enters the calendar appointment into fields in my customer file. Then it switches back to Google Calendar and completes entering the appointment on the chosen day and time slot. It had worked perfectly for the past couple of years, u
  2. My first question is, is there another way to reliably move between fields in a program (Google Calendar in this case) other than the script tabbing from one to another via Text Type? I did try slowing the script down a lot, which didn't help at all. It is only one field that is giving the problem. Tabbing among all other fields via the script works fine.
  3. I have been using Macro Express Pro for many years. Just today, all of a sudden, a glaring problem has arisen that I have never seen before. I use ME Pro to fill in data in new calendar events in Google Calendar. The script I made tabs between fields (by Text Typing the Tab command), copying data and then tabbing down to the description field to paste the data into that field. What has just started happening is that when the script attempts to tab into the "End Time" field, the field starts flashing like crazy and locks up. If I tab into the field manually, it works perfectly. It's only
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