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  1. I have a macro that I've been using for years which downloads a file from an FTP site. Recently it stopped working, and upon debugging I discovered that when it performs an FTP GET, the result string is "Can't check for file existence". However, it can connect to the site and list the files. Here are the relevant steps in the macro: FTP Connect FTP List Directory Check variable from 'List' to make sure it contains expected filename FTP Get File If Not File Exists (downloaded file) generate error & abort macro In step 4 the return string is "Can't check for file existence". I am able to perform the FTP download via FileZilla, and also from a command line using the native Windows 10 ftp client. I found a post on another site which appears to be related to this error. It's possible that ME is attempting to perform a validation prior to the actual GET command, which is resulting in an error, though that step is unnecessary. I did update to the most current ME 3 version (from 11a to 11b), but this had been working with the 11a version. It's possible a Windows update broke this functionality.
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