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  1. No, I'm relieved to say I hadn't even started on that route. Thanks to you, too, for helping (and indeed keeping an eye on progress) 🙂
  2. To be honest, I don't know what effect Locking & Unlocking has here. Most of my macros don't have Lock/Unlock statements, and I've no idea how they appeared in the very few that have them - wasn't me wot put 'em there, so I assume they much have been somehow system-generated. The problem still appears whether or not Lock/Unlock is in the macro (more accurately, used to appear, now that I know to put a tiny delay in).
  3. Hi, yes to both: (1) see my response to James' post - it worked, and (2) I thought my screenshots had been OK, but spotted they weren't too late - apologies, this is new to me, next time...
  4. I've just tried this, James...and it seems to work! I started with Pauses, then a Timed Delay of 100 millisecs before the Text Type, and then reduced it all the way down to 1 millisec, and all of them appear to remove the problem. I'm not sure why that's necessary within Menus but not directly, but it seems to do the trick, and I can't tell you how pleased I am with that - thank you very much.
  5. Hi, acantor, I've tried: setting the prefix as '#' and 'xxx'; using suffix keys (with the default setting); changing the menu activation from <ctrl><alt><shift><F9> to <F8>; resetting the activations of all the System Macros back to their defaults (years ago, I'd changed them to <win><ctrl><keypadx>, where x is . or 2-8, because I wanted to use <ctrl><alt><shift>s-z for other things); ...but the result is the same. I think it was clear from what I wrote, but just in case: I use other menus, both global and program specific, and get the same problem everywhere.
  6. This is what I get when I use the following shortkeys (all the macros here are shortkeys, but the problem is the same with hotkeys): ##sh generates Harrodian ##sp generates St Paul’s ##sw generates Weydon I've attached (I hope) a screenshot of the menu. When I select from that menu, I get: arrodian t Paul’s eydon (text indented for readability) The menu is configured as Windows Default style, Displaying under the Mouse. The scope is Global, but the same problem appears when it’s program specific, etc. I can of course give further info on the macros themselves if nec.
  7. Hi, if I'm trying to use a macro from a pop-up menu, the initial character is omitted on playback. For example, if when used directly the macro types ‘type’, when accessed from the menu it will appear as ‘ype’ (or just occasionally ‘pe’). Starting the text with a space doesn’t fix it. What does work is to put a character such as :, but of course that’s not convenient when using it directly. The problem isn’t limited to a particular app. I’ve trawled through the KnowledgeBase, but can’t find a reference to it. I'm using Pro, V4.9.0.1, running under Windows 10 Home, but it’s been a long-running thing – I’ve only now got exasperated enough to raise it. Thanks in advance for people's help. I know everyone here will agree with me that Macro Express is a wonderful product (and has been all the way back to Keyboard Express in the 90s).
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