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  1. Solved - it took me a while to get the command syntax right, plus I realized the spreadsheet has to be closed for the macro to work lol. Thanks Cory and all for the help!
  2. Working through this as time allows. I have the script format pretty much down, now need to create the macro part. thanks
  3. Oops - that was the second last post you made - not the last.
  4. The last post idea you made seemed to work. I won't have time to experiment til I finish work but this looks promising.. thanks
  5. Maybe by inserting "macro control / macro run" at the btm line of MEP?
  6. understood - I will type the values explicitly. One question: is it possible to run the resulting script immediately after it's created - from within MEP? thanks
  7. Here it is - just a little block with 3 parameters. I had to turn the file dialog off, but this should give a rough idea. I use Bricscad not Autocad so the syntax may be slightly different but all the commands are the same. thanks SampleBlockScript.scr
  8. Wow!- thanks so much, I'll go over this tonight and report back. cheers
  9. this is the part I was speaking of: "using ASCII File Process and have MEP create output the command sequence to a text file. Then have MEP run the file as a script, then delete the file for you." thanks
  10. Interesting - Acad does seem to be unpredictable when/if it will finish each operation, so I've had things fail when running a script for a single block. I can do the file process copy but the rest is a bit fuzzy - I don't suppose you know of an example floating around? I can definitely see the advantage in this approach. thanks
  11. I've been thinking about your and others comments about lisp and would like to learn more. Maybe it could be combined with MEP to make use of the fast activations. Re the scripts, I have used them in Acad but only for small things. I need a way of drawing from the excel sheet and repeating the same commands for multiple blocks, which led me to MEP. I should know pretty soon if it will pan out. thanks again...
  12. Thanks, I have Autocad experience but not with writing Lisp so I lean towards MEP as well. I also would prefer not to use Excel to write the script for a few reasons: - I really like the MEP activation - shortkey especially for ease of use. - spreadsheets sometimes get lost over here, but with MEP the script stays safe in the program. - I don't have to go digging for the spreadsheet to run the script since I have MEP on most of the time. - The spreadsheet I put together for the parameter list is easily reproducible. So I'm leaning towards Excel as the list only, with the whole script in MEP. Will keep working in this direction and hopefully have some success soon. I've been trying rbergs suggestion with the array variables with some success but need to learn more. cheers
  13. Thanks for the replies! - it will take me some time to try a few ideas on my end with these suggestions. cheers
  14. Or do you mean Lisp in combination with ME?
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