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  1. my question is simple, there is a a way to do a while loop in macro express pro ? it seem like i can't do it with macro express trough basic tools, maybe trough external script ? i want a while loop to check for two colors variables, each color in a specific area of the screen, while the two colors are detected, each on their respective area, execute something. Anyone can help me with that ? Thanks.
  2. Oh now i get why i had a wrong decimal value, it's BGR not RGB, didn't knew that the mouse locator was showing the decimal value too, i tough i had to do a conversion in a 3rd party service, at some point in the beginning i had a suspicion that the value the launche mouse locator was showing is the decimal value, but since the conversion services i used were all giving me the same decimal value that was different from the Launche mouse locator was giving me i tough it wasn't the decimal value, now i reversed the 3 values and indeed they give me the same launch mouse locator value. Sir, your teaching was really helpfull to me, thank you again for your time and your knowledge sharing, i really appreciate that.
  3. I did some tests with different colors it's working perfectly thank you a lot for your help, you just saved my life. One last question just by curiosity, the value "16777215" is a decimal value of the color ?
  4. Hi everyone, im new to Macro express and im trying to do what many of you may consider a simple task. so im trying to use the get pixel color function, in the manual the macro script example is: Get Pixel If Variable %N[1]% = 255 Text Type: <TAB> 123xyz Else Web Site: https://www.macros.com End If im trying to do something similar, like if this x color is detected in a specific pixel do this chain of command, else do a different chain of command , i already made the commands that i want the macro to execute in both cases, but i still don't know how to make the conditions using the color detection in a specific area of the screen to execute the commands, i don't really knows how this work on macro express i tried different things to figure this out but no luck. thank you for taking time reading and potentialy helping me to figure this out.
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