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  1. Hi Acantor, I appreciate your help. At this time Active Trader Pro does not have a hotkey to open the charts directly so that you get the same effect as if you had double clicked the row. I've called them and they didn't know of a way to do it. This becomes more useful if you have to scan 20-30 stocks to see their charts, doing it from the keyboard would be much faster. Your right-click suggestion was a great idea, they do have a way to trigger the chart but it pop-out a new window with the chart in it. This defeats the purpose because you would now have 20 open chart windows. When you double-click the row, the chart opens in the chart window inside the app and this refreshes when you click on other row, So great idea but the app is a bit odd in the execution. Your option 2 is the one I think could work. I followed your suggestion: Mouse Move: To the Text Cursor Position. I can "select" the row as the screenshot shows, but in the row, there is no blinking cursor, only the frame around the row so you know it's selected. So I've been trying to find a way to tell the macro program to "move the mouse pointer to the selected row and double-click it". I have not been able to figure out how to move the cursor to the selected row with the macro. Hope this makes sense 😉 Thanks a bunch.
  2. Thanks Cory for your prompt suggestion. What is the best way to learn about pixel scanning. i didn't find it in the manual or in YouTube. You may know of a better source. Best. Trauton
  3. Hi, I am using a program called Fidelity Active Trader Pro (including the screenshot of it). As you can see, a row is selected and you can go up and down with the arrow keys. However, if you want to open a chart for the selected row, you need to double-click on the row with the mouse. No keystroke opens the chart but the left mouse double-click. What I am trying to create is a keyboard shortcut that can double-click on the selected row and open the chart (skipping the mouse altogether). Keep in mind that the selected row can change. I have tried different things but nothing does what I need it to do. Would you have any suggestions? Best, Trauton
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