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  1. I've actually figured it out on my own (BTW there is no VBA command for "Create a task with attachment" so I had to code it myself)
  2. Thanks! That is very useful. The one thing I omitted in my original message was that I had already created a macro to have the task automatically assigned to a particular person and wanted to combine that macro with one that included the features described above so that I have a one step button/shortcut to do the above 3 tasks AND automatically assign the task to someone. Would you know by any chance if there is a VBA command for "Create a task with attachment" ? Cheers, John
  3. Thanks Cory. For some reason, when I do so, the attachment(s) are not included in the new task. @acantor was also kind enough to provide a solution though.
  4. Hello everyone, I've tried without luck to create a macro that can be used from within an open outlook e-mail message and which will: 1. create a new task item using the e-mail message header as the header for the new task, 2. reproduce the e-mail body in the body of the task and 3. include as an attachment of the task any e-mail attachment that was in the e-mail. Would anyone have such a macro (or similar) or point me to somewhere where it can be obtained? Thanks, John
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