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  1. The macro uses code like this: <MOVETOTRAY:Capture TextF:F:0:0><LCLK> The Move Mouse to Tray Icon command points to the center of the icon. On execution, the pointer goes to the side of the system tray, where no icon is actually present. If the taskbar is at the bottom of the screen, it points to the bottom side of the system tray. If the taskbar is on the left side of the screen, it points to the left side of the system tray. So the pattern seems to be that it overshoots where the desired icon is located and ends up on the screen border. When the macro left-clicks, nothing happens because it is not clicking on an icon. I tried with various system tray icons, the result is always the same. My taskbar settings are not to hide the unused icons, like it should be. I'm on Windows XP SP2. My workaround has been to ask the user at the start of the macro to point the mouse to the desired icon, record the mouse location and use it later on in the macro. It works, but not as easily as it should. Thanks.
  2. I am on ME version and Windows XP SP2. When I use the Move Mouse to Tray Icon command, the mouse moves into the general tray icon area, but points to the side of the area, not to the specific icon I need. The result is the same no matter what icon I try to move to. In the taskbar, the "Hide inactive icons" box is unchecked. Am I missing anything? Thanks.
  3. You got it! That's exactly what I was looking for. I tested it and it works perfectly. Thanks a lot! In answer to Dennis's suggestion, if I understand it correctly, it doesn't eliminate the problem of a variable within a variable. I still end up literally typing text that contains variables, not the values of these variables.
  4. Here is the simplified code. The values of T2 and T6 change constantly during execution. <TVAR2:02:01:c:\audio2><TVAR2:06:01:01><ADFBEG:F10:090:000001:000000:C:\Audio\Utils\xy_surcodecd.csv><TMVAR2:05:91:91:000:000:><TMVAR2:05:92:92:000:000:><MMW2:91N,92N><LCLK><TDELAY:0.50><IFVAR2:1:93:2:><TEXTTYPE:%T93%<ENTER>><TDELAY:0.50><WAITWLF2:000000:000000:Select a File><ENDIF><ADFEND> To understand where I'm going with this, you need to see the comma-delimited data file that I'm reading from (first variable being T90): surcodecd_first C_button,414,177, surcodecd_second C_button,413,199, surcodecd_third C_button,414,223, surcodecd_fourth C_button,415,249, surcodecd_fifth C_button,414,273, surcodecd_sixth C_button,414,298, surcodecd_Start R_button,247,347, surcodecd_End R_button,247,373, surcodecd_Destination..._button,107,122,%T2%\DTS\%T6%.wav surcodecd_Left Front..._button,143,176,%T2%\%T6%0.wav surcodecd_Right Front..._button,145,201,%T2%\%T6%1.wav surcodecd_Center..._button,143,225,%T2%\%T6%2.wav surcodecd_Left Surr..._button,144,273,%T2%\%T6%4.wav surcodecd_Right Surr..._button,143,298,%T2%\%T6%5.wav surcodecd_Encode_button,53,349, Basically, what this macro does is pressing various buttons in a window. Some buttons open a text box in which the macro types data. By the way, the reason I store mouse positions in a file is that this file is the result of a "calibration" that each user needs to go through before using the macro for the first time or whenever something happens (ex: change screen resolution) that affects where the mouse is moving inside a window. This guarantees that the macro will work for every user no matter what they do with their screen. Unfortunately, the controls in this window are useless and do not work with the Get Control technique. Thanks.
  5. Thank you for the suggestion. This is something I tried before submitting the question. It makes no difference if I use the Variable drop-down list or if I type it in manually. I use the Text Type command several times in this macro and 99% of the time, I have typed in the variables and have had no problems whatsoever.
  6. This is my first post here. Glad to be a new ME user. I am reading an expression from a .csv file, for instance: %T2%\%T6%.wav. I am storing this expression in variable T93. I need to type the expression in a text box. Using the Text Type command, I enter the following text: %T93%. During execution, the macro types %T2%\%T6%.wav and does not substitute the values for T2 and T6. How can I make the macro substitute the values for T2 and T6? Thanks!
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