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  1. I took rberq's advice and it worked, and then I thought maybe there was a shortkey to open the view macro window. So maybe I could save a keystroke or two. In researching that, I found out that shortkeys can be assigned directly to the macros. So one Excel macro is now CTRL+Q and the other is now CTRL+Z. So my Macro Express code presses those shortkeys, and it is working perfectly. I kind of feel a little dumb that myself and another programmer spent hours making this harder than it needed to be, but thank you for pointing me in the right direction!
  2. I love that idea! I will see if it works tomorrow when I am back at it at work and I will post the results here. Thank you!
  3. First, thank you for taking the time to respond to my question. I really do appreciate it. With that being said... I know that is always an option, but I think it is pretty standard in the Macro Express world to use mouse moves/clicks as a LAST resort. This macro will be used by dozens of employees at my company, and I cannot guarantee they will all have the same screen resolution or even have the spreadsheet maximized.
  4. Does anyone know if this can even be done? Here is what I am trying to do: Use Macro Express to gather some information from an application Have Macro Express then activate an Excel file that is already open. Once Excel is activated, I want a VBA macro in the Excel file to automatically be triggered (to clear the sheet) I then need Macro Express to fill out two cells from the info it gathered at the start of the macro. Finally, activate a second VBA macro that is already programmed. I have found some code online that seems to work when the file is closed. When the file is open, I get an error stating that I already have it open. In other words, it is looking at the VBScript in Macro Express as another person trying to access the same open file, and will only allow it if I close the file. I already have each of the Excel VBA macros assigned to buttons on the sheet. So having Macro Express click the button would be just as helpful as triggering the VBA macros, as it would achieve the same result obviously. (From what I can tell, the buttons are not recognized by the Get Control tool in Macro Express, or this would've be too easy) Please help. I am out of ideas...
  5. Hello. My company is using version currently. With this version, is there a way to have a macro move a window from one monitor to the other? Anything we've tried has just resulted in the window stopping along the right edge of the first monitor. Thanks.
  6. Thank you! Makes sense. Fixed in 3.6 and we are still using
  7. Was this ever corrected? I received an email today asking me to fix a macro that is not rounding correctly. After testing, I see that the issue is EXACTLY what I described back in 2006. We are currently using Version Was it fixed after this?
  8. Hey all. I was wondering if anyone else was having this problem, or if anyone knows how to fix it. When using Microsoft Office Communicator (Desktop Application, not the web-based version), pressing Win+Q will open your contact list. If you program a macro with a hotkey of Win+Q, it does not override this, like it normally should. Even with the macro programmed, and activated, Win+Q will still open your Communicator contact list. Any ideas? Thanks, -- Mike
  9. You can do this a few different ways: Enter text using the "Text Type" command. Use the "Pause" command. This will create a pop-up box in the top-left corner of your screen that says "Macro Express is currently paused." and includes a Resume and an Abort button. You can also use a complex pause, which allows you to change the text that displays while the macro is paused. i.e. "Enter date". The complex pause also allows you to specify where on the screen the pause box will be displayed. Or, in place of the pause command, you can use a "Wait for Key Press" command, and specify which key you want to use to resume the macro. i.e. ESC, ENTER, etc. This will not display any pop-up box. The macro will just simply wait until the specified key is pressed before resuming.
  10. Thanks again Paul! I will give this a shot as soon as I can.
  11. Thanks Paul! That sounds like a perfect workaround. Do you have the code that is needed to make the registry changes (And change it back, of course)? I am using Windows 2000. Thanks! -- Michael
  12. Does anybody know the extent of Macro Express' functionality while a workstation is locked? I have already found out that a scheduled macro will still run if the workstation is locked. The functions I know it can perform on a locked workstation are: 1. Display a text box 2. Launch an application I am sure there are others, but these two I know from testing. So is there a distinct list of commands that do/don't work on a locked workstation documented anywhere? And the most important question... Does anyone know how to get Macro Express to unlock your workstation? If that is possible, then I can have MacExp unlock the station, do what I need it to do, and then re-lock it. Any help would be appreciated. -- Michael
  13. Hey guys. I think I got a real mystery here. I posted something about this already in this forum WAY back in January 2005. The link is HERE Rather than start over, please read that post first and then I will continue from there... Anyway... now this has gotten a bit trickier. I have created 2 different macros that attempt to press "n" for the notify button when the "File In Use" box pops up. One is the actually macro that I need this to apply to, and the other is a very short macro designed only to test this particular problem. When I run the "real" macro, it hangs up when that box appears. The script looks like this: <GETCONTROL2:01:NLNOTES.EXE:#32770Lotus Notes001:11IRIS.password><GETCONTROL2:11:EXCEL.EXE:bosa_sdm_XL9File in Use000:><GETCONTROL2:12:EXCEL.EXE:bosa_sdm_XL9File Now Available000:><GETCONTROL2:13:EXCEL.EXE:#32770Microsoft Excel001:2Button><MENU2:1:T:01:CenterCenter:Week SelectionWhich week would you like to lock?1 2 3 4><TMVAR2:05:01:01:000:000:><NMVAR:02:01:1:0000001:2:0000001><IVAR2:02:02:FLast file completed?FFCenter:Center><REP3:08:000002:000002:0003:1:01:N3><NMVAR:01:02:1:0000002:2:0000001><TBOX4:F:6:0Right000Top000124000097:000:File#%N2%><TVAR2:02:08:\\uhc00548\homedirs\mluppen\Production Files\Lock.inilock%N2%a><TVAR2:03:08:\\uhc00548\homedirs\mluppen\Production Files\Lock.inilock%N2%b><TMVAR2:01:02:00:000:000:><TMVAR2:01:03:00:000:000:><IFVAR2:1:02:1:><TMVAR2:01:10:00:000:000:><IFVAR2:1:10:2:><TMVAR2:17:10:00:000:000:\\uhc00548\homedirs\mluppen\Production File Error Report\Error Report.txtF><ENDIF><MSTOP><ENDIF><IFOTH:01:2:\\uhc00548\shared\Office Production\%T2%\%T3%><LAUNCHDEL2:0:01\\uhc00548\shared\Office Production\%T2%\%T3%2><DELAY:5><IFCONTROL:03:11><TEXTTYPE:n><DELAY:2><LAUNCHDEL2:0:01\\uhc00548\shared\Office Production\%T2%\time tracker.xls2><WAITCONTROL:000010:000000:13:02><CCLICK:T:13:0:T:><DELAY:2><TEXTTYPE:<ALT>tpp><MSD:250><ETEXT:F30428DCA948F52EDE><TEXTTYPE:<ENTER>><MSD:250><TEXTTYPE:<CONTROL><HOME><CONTROL>f><WAITWIN2:000010:000000:Find><MSD:250><TEXTTYPE:scheduled<ENTER>><MSD:250><TEXTTYPE:<ARROW DOWN><ENTER>><MSD:250><REP3:08:000007:000001:0007:1:01:T3><TEXTTYPE:<ARROW DOWN><F2><SHIFT><HOME>><CLIPC><TVAR2:07:03:><TMVAR2:01:07:00:000:000:><TEXTTYPE:<ESC>><ENDREP><TEXTTYPE:<ARROW LEFT>><CLIPC><TVAR2:08:03:><TMVAR2:01:08:00:000:000:><IVAR2:08:13:8:,><TEXTTYPE:<CONTROL><HOME>><MSD:250><TEXTTYPE:<ALT>tpp><MSD:250><ETEXT:F30428DCA948F52EDE><TEXTTYPE:<ENTER>><MSD:250><ETEXT:F30428DCA948F52EDE><TEXTTYPE:<ENTER>><MSD:250><TEXTTYPE:<CONTROL><F4>><MSD:500><IFVAR2:2:08:2:0><NMVAR:02:08:1:0000008:2:0000001><TMVAR2:10:09:08:001:N08:><NMVAR:01:08:1:0000008:2:0000001><TMVAR2:11:08:00:001:N08:><TMVAR2:01:08:00:000:000:><LAUNCHDEL2:0:01C:\notes\notes.exe2><WAITCONTROL:000010:000000:01:02><DELAY:1><ETEXT:A443E519D21E1D0575C49B><TEXTTYPE:<ENTER>><DELAY:15><TEXTTYPE:<ALT>fn<ENTER>><WAITWIN2:000010:000000:New Memo><DELAY:3><SPKEY:0010><TEXTTYPE:%T8% %T9%<ENTER>><DELAY:2><IFOTH:04:2:Ambiguous Name><TEXTTYPE:<ENTER>><DELAY:1><ENDIF><TEXTTYPE:<TAB><TAB>michael luppens<TAB>Production File - ACTION REQUIRED<TAB>><TEXTTYPE:Please close your production file ASAP. There is no need to reply to this message. This email is automated, and will detect when you have closed your file. If you still need your production file open, it will be safe to re-open it approximately 2 minutes after you close it. (Please allow 5 minutes if you are a telecommuter). Thank you. ** PLEASE NOTE: Because this process is automated, it is possible that this email was sent to the wrong person, especially if you have the same name as another UHG employee. If this is the case, please respond to this email and let me know. **><DELAY:5><TEXTTYPE:<ALT>as><DELAY:10><IFOTH:04:2:No Match><TEXTTYPE:<TAB><TAB><TAB><TAB><TAB><ENTER>><DELAY:1><TEXTTYPE:<ENTER><ENTER>%T8% %T9%<SHIFT><TAB><SHIFT><TAB><BACKSPACE><SHIFT><HOME><DELETE><SHIFT><TAB><SHIFT><TAB><BACKSPACE><SHIFT><HOME>michael luppens<ENTER>><DELAY:5><TEXTTYPE:<ALT>as><DELAY:10><ENDIF><WSHUT:Lotus><DELAY:1><ENDIF><REM2:---><WAITCONTROL:000000:000000:12:02><MSD:500><TEXTTYPE:w><DELAY:2><ENDIF><TEXTTYPE:<CONTROL><PAGE UP><CONTROL><PAGE UP><CONTROL><PAGE UP><CONTROL><PAGE UP><CONTROL><PAGE UP>><REP3:01:000001:000001:%N1%:0:01:><TEXTTYPE:<CONTROL><PAGE DOWN>><ENDREP><MSD:250><TEXTTYPE:<ALT>tpp><MSD:250><ETEXT:F30428DCA948F52EDE><TEXTTYPE:<ENTER>><MSD:250><TEXTTYPE:<CONTROL>a><MSD:250><TEXTTYPE:<CONTROL>1><MSD:250><TEXTTYPE:pp><MSD:250><TEXTTYPE:<ALT>l><MSD:250><TEXTTYPE:<ENTER>><MSD:250><TEXTTYPE:<ALT>tpp><MSD:250><ETEXT:F30428DCA948F52EDE><TEXTTYPE:<ENTER>><MSD:250><ETEXT:F30428DCA948F52EDE><TEXTTYPE:<ENTER>><MSD:250><TEXTTYPE:<CONTROL><HOME>><MSD:250><TEXTTYPE:<CONTROL><PAGE DOWN>><MSD:250><TEXTTYPE:<CONTROL>s><DELAY:1><TEXTTYPE:<ALT><F4>><WAITWLF2:000010:000000:Excel><DELAY:1><ELSE><TMVAR2:07:10:00:000:000:%T2%\%T3%-><ENDIF><TBCLOSE:File#><ENDREP> Then I created a short macro just to test it, and it works just fine. That script looks like this: <GETCONTROL2:01:EXCEL.EXE:bosa_sdm_XL9File in Use000:><DELAY:5><IFCONTROL:03:01><TEXTTYPE:n><ENDIF> Can anybody see something in the first code that would cause this not to work?
  14. Hopefully someone can help me here. I have been having a very difficult time figuring out the logic used by Macro Express when rounding. I did read an article in this forum once, as well as the section of Joe's book that discusses "Banker's Rounding", but I don't think that's the issue in this case. No matter what number I try, if I tell Macro Express to round a Decimal Variable to 2 places, it always rounds "5" down. So: 1.755 becomes 1.75 when it should be 1.76 1.765 becomes 1.76 when it should be 1.77 and so on and so on. The only fix I have found is to add .00000001 to the number first, and then round, because, believe it or not.... 1.76500001 gets rounded to 1.77, but 1.765 does not. Am I doing something wrong? Thanks in advance for your help
  15. Hello. Does anyone know what registry key needs to be changed to turn off the Microsoft Office Clipboard, and how that would be programmed in Macro Express? I must admit, the Windows Registry is somewhat unfamiliar territory for me, so the more detail the better. I know how to turn off the clipboard manually, but I would like to use macro commands to turn it off. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks! Michael
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