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  1. By the way guys... Thanks for the help. I set my client up and found that if you hit a key that doesn't do anything everytime you use the alt-tab during recording, you can go back and change the key press to the alt-tab. We pressed alt-F12 everytime we pressed alt-tab and of course the alt-tab's did not register when recording so in the direct editor we did a find and replace on all the alt-F12's to change them to alt-tab. It seemed to work perfectly. So even though it is not a direct fix, it did turn out to be a pretty easy work around.
  2. I have been using ME for quite a few years through several versions on different platforms and it is a great tool. At work they call me the macro king yet I only do simple things with it. This is the first time I am stumped and can't find a solution to my problem. In this particular case, I have to teach a client how to use the program and I am trying to make it as simple as possible for him. Most of us know that you cannot use the alt+tab combo when recording a macro. If you hit the alt+tab, it simply shows nothing in the scripting editor after capturing the macro. Usually what I do is hit ALT+F12 (alt+F12 rarely does anything in programs so it is like plugging in a rem statement when I record a macro) everytime after I hit ALT+Tab so that when I go back in to edit in the scripting editor, I look for the ALT+F12 and replace it with Text type: <ALT><TAB>. I would really like for alt+tab to work when capturing because for one, many of the macros I do is to copy from one window and paste into another and in many cases I will switch windows over 50 times before repeating the cycle. Using the mouse to switch windows is not always an option because many times screen positions can change and they can be different from computer to computer. In this particular case, I am trying to teach a semi-non-technical person how to use this program for himself. It would be much easier if he were able to record the alt+tab to switch between two windows. It would also be easier for me in the future if I didn't have to edit so much after I was done recording. What I tried doing is using a different macro to perform the alt+tab function, but unfortunately it wouldn't allow me to execute a macro while recording another. It also didn't execute when using the macro inside another. I created a macro with a hotkey of ALT+F12 and made it do a Text type: <ALT><TAB>. It worked fine by itself, but did not work within another macro. Has anyone got any ideas of how I can record the function of switching windows without using the mouse click? Any help would be much appreciated.
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