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  1. I would like to say a big THANK YOU to everybody contributing here. Now i know that there are some MEX resistant programs out there. And that it makes sense to code a workaround instead of wasting time with searching an error somehow. This is what i learned about it. 😄 By the way. What i really love about this freeware Q-Dir is that you can define Favorites which change all four panes/folder views at once. So i created different setups for Office or for writing music. Don´t hesitate to ask me, if you would like to know more.
  2. As i said, as i already have the activation of the four panes at my fingertips i am more interested in a deeper understanding how MEX works and why in some cases (Q-Dir) MEX fails to work. I think we all know MEX good enough to come up with dozen workarounds. But why does Q-Dir ignores certain keysends via MEX which work perfectly if typed manually?
  3. Great workaround Alan. Thank you! I posted here also as it was the first time i experienced this odd behaviour. So what do we learn from this? Are some programs just MEX resistant?
  4. Well, Q-Dir has four seperate path areas. I use those to select the pane via mouse actions as the shortcuts CTRL 1 -4 don´t work.
  5. You can config the layouts in the menu Extras "View Settings" i guess. (Don´t know exactly as my interface is in german.)
  6. Well, i prefer the 4 Pane side by side . My Macro clicks directly in the path area ( D:\ ) of pane 1. I use the type TAB command to deselect it right after clicking. You have to adjust those coordinates to your Q-Dir window(size). Do you like Q-Dir already? 😉
  7. So i wanted to know more about it and posted the odd behaviour here. My Workaround for activating pane 1 is this. It also resets the mouse position to the previous one. <VARIABLE SET INTEGER Option="\x02" Destination="%X%"/> <VARIABLE SET INTEGER Option="\x03" Destination="%Y%"/> <MOUSE MOVE Option="\x02" X="550" Y="59" Control="%DoList2%" _PROMPT="0x000A"/> <MOUSE LEFT CLICK/> <TEXT TYPE Action="0" Text="<TAB>"/> <MOUSE MOVE Option="\x01" X="%X%" Y="%y%" Control="%DoList2%" _PROMPT="0x000A"/>
  8. I have already written a macro which uses mouse actions to achieve what i want. I wanted to have it on the keys G1 to G4 on my Logitech G510 Keyboard. This works. But i found it strange that MEX wasn´t able to get a simple keycommand likte CTRL + 1 to work.
  9. Yes i have. The activation key is irrelevant for the behaviour.
  10. Thank you for trying it out. Try the Help in the menu Info of Q-Dir. It should open the local help file which gets installed with the program. Mine is in German below. STRG (Steuerung) means Control. Yes, maybe the author can share the wisdom how he made Q-Dir MEX resistant. 😄
  11. Exactly, CTRL 1 to 4 are activating the four panes. This is what the macro should do. Simply activate Pane 1. I am really happy that you can reproduce the problem because i never experienced that it made any difference if i or MEX is "typing" the keys. I mean thats the beauty about MEX, right? 😃 Your macro made no difference for me. Did it work for you?
  12. First of all 1000 thanks for trying to reproduce the problem! 😃 The only two lines of code are: <KEYSTROKE SPEED Delay="100"/> <TEXT TYPE Action="0" Text="<CTRLD>1<CTRLU>"/> Should i export the macro and upload it here?
  13. Well let´s say i make sure that the Q-Dir Window is active as the macro is scope specific. I can not recognize any pattern. Maybe one could install this tiny tool and try it himself. Just an idea. 😉 You may fall in love with it like i did. Q-Dir consist out of 5 areas. On the left the navigation pane. On the right from this four independent folders which even can have different Tabs which i love. CTRL + 1 should always select the first (yellow) folder. Another nice feature is that you can define different formats for filetypes. You see the different colours for the filenames in Folderwindow 1 (yellow)
  14. I always click inside Q-Dir before pressing ALT + 1 to make sure Q-Dir.exe is active. As the macro has Q-Dir Scope.
  15. Thanks acantor. Both ideas make no difference.
  16. The macro is triggered by ALT + 1. CTRL + 1 is the Output of the macro. It gets activated every time ALT + 1 is pressed. No other macro gets activated.
  17. I fear there is not much to see. I also experimented with Delay Times and various keystrokespeeds. I also divided the CTRL + 1 command into three different codelines. No difference! <TEXT TYPE Action="0" Text="<CTRLD>1<CTRLU>"/> Can anyone reproduce the problem?
  18. Thanks to everybody so far. The macro gets properly activated. Textboxes get displayed and also i see it in the Macro Explorer in the column "Last Run Time". I don´t think that the hotkeys are blocked by another program. For example CTRL + 1 works always if pressed manually but only 10% if Text Typed by MEX. It´s like this nice alternative to Windows Explorer kind of ignores actions by MEX. Interestingly other keycommands like CTRL TAB for changing Tabs are recognized 100% of the time. If you browse like i a lot within folders you may check out this 4 Window File Explorer and also this odd problem 😉 . The keycommands CTRL + 1-4 are used for adressing the four Explorerwindows. http://www.softwareok.com/?seite=Freeware/Q-Dir
  19. Hey everyone, I'm using Q-Dir as my to go File Explorer programm. For some odd reason MEX cannot send keystrokes/hotkeys to (via Text Type) Q-Dir. They only seem to work sporadically, partially or not at all. I tried to use different scopes (Global, Program/window specific). Even single and basic Hotkeys like CTRL+1 (through 4) are 80% of the time not being registered. I even played around with Keystroke Speeds. Are some programs sometimes just not able to recieve Hotkeys via MEX?
  20. Thanks for the answer and the example. Much appreciated, though I was hoping that MEX could create Variables "on the fly".
  21. Is it possible to create a variable from a prompt? What i'm trying to do is, when I run the Macro I get prompted for a string, let's say I type in "chrome", then the variable %chrome% gets created and contains the window title of the topmost window. Something like this: <VARIABLE SET STRING Option="\x01" Destination="%prompt%" Mask="FALSE" OnTop="FALSE" Left="Center" Top="Center" Monitor="0"/> <VARIABLE SET STRING Option="\x05" Destination="%%prompt%%"/> When I tried to use the viariable %%prompt%% (which would be %chrome% in this example) I get the variable %%prompt%% is the wrong type error. So, is it even possible that MEX is able to create variables that haven't been specified beforehand?
  22. The .bat runs fine, no errors or anything. This is not a normal cmd window, it's MeProc.exe's window as you can see in the screenshot. So the log was empty, and even adding a pause just confirmed that it starts MeProc.exe.
  23. Hey everyone, I kinda noticed an odd behaviour between Win7 and Win10 when trying to run Macros via shell commands. I have some Macros that get executed via Nuance Dragon 15 voice recognition. The Script is as follows: ShellExecute "C:\Program Files (x86)\Macro Express Pro\MeProc.exe /APosteingang" Which is equivalent to a .bat file containing: start C:\Program Files (x86)\Macro Express Pro\MeProc.exe /APosteingang Now to the Problem. When I run this on Win7 everything works as expected and the Macro "Posteingang" executes. But when I run this on a Win10 machine a blank CMD-like window of "MeProc.exe" with the MEX Icon opens for a split second and closes itself (see image below), the Macro doesn't get executed. I tried several other things in a .bat file like: start "C:\Program Files (x86)\Macro Express Pro\MeProc.exe" /APosteingang adding the " or ' in different positions, without success. I don't understand why it behaves differently and what would need to be changed to make it work on Win10 machines. Any ideas?
  24. Thanks for the replies, I guess maybe I just didn't notice that the Menu lost Focus. I will investigate more carefully.
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