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  1. I have this program where I need to toggle a checkbox in a dialog. Alas, using text type <SPACE> does not work (although it works if I do it manually, the macro <SPACE> is not recognised as a toggle command). Is there any other way to achieve this result?
  2. I've circumvented this problem by using absolute mouse move. The program's CSI, probably unknown to most of you
  3. Yeh, I actually used Get Control command. But my macro still returns an error on everybody else's computer. Also, the titles are exactly the same, but I think the internal window ids might differ.
  4. I want to share a macro I've made with my colleagues. Alas, the control capture only works on my computer, it results in some kind of error on my colleagues' computers. I guess this is because the parent window of the control has a different internal id on every computer. Is there any way to make this universally compatible or should I do the window capture on every computer?
  5. I want my macro to click on the dropdown arrow next to a button in my program (so a dropdown menu opens), then select an item from the list and click on it. How would I go on about doing this? edit: the thing is, I get it to click on the arrow by doing Click on control and giving coordinates (86,5). So then the dropdown thing opens but if I issue a new click command with new coordinates (86, 50: should be on the item I wish to click on), nothing happens. I only see the menu open very shortly and immediately disappear again. Clues? edit2: I think the menu that opens is actually a different control that is hidden until someone clicks on the dropdown arrow. But how can I capture this new control?
  6. I was already afraid that it wasn't going to work that way. A pity, because I cannot install Macro Express on the RDC since I'm working for quite a big company that will not listen to my request I guess I'll have to find a way around :-/
  7. I have this program on my remote desktop that has a number of child windows. However, the program on the remote desktop does not remember their positions so every day I have to arrange the child windows again. Very annoying, so I figured I'd have a Macro do it for me. However, when I use the Macro Express Window Ccommand "activate window", the remote desktop window is in the list of active windows, but not the program that is running within the Remote Desktop, let alone its child windows. Any ideas?
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