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  1. Stan you are the greatest!!! Thank you so much. I have everything working but theres one little catch. I have 2 variables. T1 and T2. It is processing all of the data from the first variable text file while only posting the first line of the 2nd variable. if I switch the "text file begin" around and raise T1 above T2, it switches and processes only the first line of the variable T1 text file and processes all of the data from the 2nd text file in order. What I need to do it have it process 1 line from T1 and 1 line of T2, then line 2 of T1 and line 2 of T2... etc etc.... is this possible? Maybe this could be done be deleting a variable from the 2nd text file after it uses it. that would work for me also. Thanks so much!!!
  2. I can't even attempt to help you there... I'm still trying how to make my macro go to a webpage without opening a new window of int explorer each time.
  3. So you're looking to do a loop inside of a loop. I read something about doing that on the forum somewhere.
  4. after you have tour keystrokes recorded 5 times, just go to the very bottom of your command list and insert a 120 second delay.
  5. I think you should try the capture feature and then look at the commands it says to do. Then dissect what it says and you should be able to make the changes and have it do what you want it to. Wish I could help more but I'm new as well. best of luck
  6. Awesome, Thanks so much Stan. I have a much better understanding now except for 2 things, it just opened a bazillion int explorer windows, I'd like to use the same one if possible. Also, how do I open the search field? Because I tried it with google, the cursor is automatically in the search box, so i cheated and just told it to press enter. I'd like to learn how to open the search box properly. Thanks so much!
  7. Im trying to learn more about how to pull variables. For example, (and only an example) How would I, first open a webpage, say yahoo, and pull a phrase from a text file on my computer, click go to search. The part I cant figure out is how to make a text file with a list of things to search and have it rotate through that list of phrases. I am new to this and cant find a lot about "intro to variables" I am sure seeing this script would help me much better understand. Any assistance is GREATLY appreciated. PS Happy New Year everybody!
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