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  1. I started out by explaining that AFTER running any macro, there's a `dead' period during which no other macro will run. Yet all the responses are based on the idea that the first macro is in fact still running, which amounts to a different problem description. So I ask again that we leave it there. But I'm very grateful for the responses.
  2. I only ever use Launch, never Launch and Activate. And the problem is there even when the next macro I try to run is unrelated to the previous one, which it usually is. It's good of you guys to respond, but you seem to be trying to change my description of the problem, which was very clear and accurate. Let's leave it.
  3. In most of my macros the delay is set at 0 seconds, and I haven't changed it. In any case, as I mentioned, it's not a question of a delayed response, but of no response at all.
  4. Thanks for responding. I can't answer your question directly at the moment, because up to now I've had the `show running' tray icon disabled. I'll enable it and see what happens. However, since many of my macros are simply to launch a program, I presume that the macro stops running as soon as the program starts to launch, whereas the `dead' period continues. By the way, this isn't exclusive to Vista; I used to get the problem with XP as well.
  5. Here's a point which rather exasperates me about this otherwise excellent program, which I couldn't live without. Immediately after running any macro, there is a `dead' period of several seconds during which no other macro can be run; hitting the relevant hot key produces no response at all. Then the program `comes alive' again and I can carry on. This isn't just an occasional glitch; it always happens. I wonder why this is, please, and whether anything can be done about it? Running v.3.7c in Vista Home Basic. Many thanks.
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