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  1. A system that I've used for a long time is that typing ; in front of a string is a trigger for an autotext entry. For example ;brb = be right back For dates I use ;d Also I have a number that indicates offset though... ;d0 = today ;d1 = tomorrow ;d3 = day after tomorrow. ... ;d9 = nine days from now. At first I used ;d-1 for yesterday ;d-2 for day before yesterday, and so on. Over the years it evolved into ;dd1 ;dd2 ;dd3 Which is easier to type. Unfortunately these have to
  2. I think so(?) Here's a quick screencast. https://www.screencast.com/t/9zClrYOvVC EDIT: In the screencast I click on the top line, then arrow-down, then ctrl+c, then ctrl+v. The clipboard contents are shown in the Ditto clipboard extender.
  3. Are you sure this is right Acantor? If I navigate manually, I can just do <down arrow> then <ctrl>c, and it copies the line of code to the clipboard.
  4. For fun I tried to combine Acantor's two scripts (code box below). WARNING -- It doesn't stop looping at the end like it's supposed to. It's supposed to ... Set clipboard to %currLine% at the start of the loop, then set %prevLine% to %currLine% at the end. And keep looping until prevLine = currLine. So once the last line is checked twice in a row, they should be the same.. It think that logic is correct(???) Anyway, the coloring part works (there has to be a message box and/or comment for it to do anything). Assign a hotkey to the
  5. Re: "Unfurl menu," Didn't older versions of Windows collapse (furl) menus such that less-frequently used items were hidden?
  6. Conditional formatting to colorize lines of code based on different properties would be pretty cool. I thought maybe saving snippets would work too, but that doesn't seem to retain the colors. Maybe Acantor's script could be adapted to look for properties (like whether the line of code is a message box.)
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