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  1. A system that I've used for a long time is that typing ; in front of a string is a trigger for an autotext entry. For example ;brb = be right back For dates I use ;d Also I have a number that indicates offset though... ;d0 = today ;d1 = tomorrow ;d3 = day after tomorrow. ... ;d9 = nine days from now. At first I used ;d-1 for yesterday ;d-2 for day before yesterday, and so on. Over the years it evolved into ;dd1 ;dd2 ;dd3 Which is easier to type. Unfortunately these have to
  2. I think so(?) Here's a quick screencast. https://www.screencast.com/t/9zClrYOvVC EDIT: In the screencast I click on the top line, then arrow-down, then ctrl+c, then ctrl+v. The clipboard contents are shown in the Ditto clipboard extender.
  3. Are you sure this is right Acantor? If I navigate manually, I can just do <down arrow> then <ctrl>c, and it copies the line of code to the clipboard.
  4. For fun I tried to combine Acantor's two scripts (code box below). WARNING -- It doesn't stop looping at the end like it's supposed to. It's supposed to ... Set clipboard to %currLine% at the start of the loop, then set %prevLine% to %currLine% at the end. And keep looping until prevLine = currLine. So once the last line is checked twice in a row, they should be the same.. It think that logic is correct(???) Anyway, the coloring part works (there has to be a message box and/or comment for it to do anything). Assign a hotkey to the
  5. Re: "Unfurl menu," Didn't older versions of Windows collapse (furl) menus such that less-frequently used items were hidden?
  6. Conditional formatting to colorize lines of code based on different properties would be pretty cool. I thought maybe saving snippets would work too, but that doesn't seem to retain the colors. Maybe Acantor's script could be adapted to look for properties (like whether the line of code is a message box.)
  7. Others are more knowledgeable than me... But I will say that your form looks like it can probably be navigated via <Tab>. It might take extra tabs to get past those little buttons on the right. So <Paste Variable 1><Tab><Paste Var 2><Tab><Tab><Tab><Tab><Tab><Paste Var 3><Tab><Paste Var 4> etc. However, getting your table out of a PDF document, will be a bit trickier. I'm not even sure how to approach that.
  8. I have never make a 'pixel searching' macro, but I believe others have. Like you said, if the "i" icon is always that same distance from the left, then that helps. I wonder though, what happens if you navigate this window with different keyboard keys? Does Tab Tab Tab have an effect? Or what about Spacebar or Alt+S?
  9. For me it is also appearing as acantor describes. Cannot "unhighlight" a single line of code, so you can never see the color.
  10. Thanks for the info, Terry. Hopefully everything is okay.
  11. Just thought I'd make a post to encourage him to write an updated version of the excellent book Macro Express Explained. That is all. 😁
  12. I'm not seeing this... But I am seeing another (possibly related?) error... MEpro Win 10 I don't use the menu builder, but I did have a couple up sample popup menus built. I built a couple more. Top of screenshot is one of the new ones and the editor title bar does show "Menu Builder[Name]." Oddly, the older menu (that was disabled) cannot be opened or enabled... If I try to do either, I get the error report shown on the bottom of the image. I've emailed it to ... Bloody hell! I tried to re-create the error so I could see who I emailed
  13. Re "wait for..." command. It occurred to me after posting, that "wait for webpage" might be better than "wait for window." I'm not sure. Also Re Terrypin's use of "restore text variable." Pretty cool! I did not know that this command was a thing. :- }
  14. One kludgy workaround might be to not have it activated by window title. Instead just have a link on the desktop. Then the macro is like: 1 open webpage 2 wait for window to be active 3 check boxes and stuff Then use that link as a shortcut to the website. It runs only once, only when you click on it. EDIT: -You can then (optionally) right click the link link and change its icon to look like your web browser. -Also note: As has been pointed out before on this forum, it is usually best to do web checkboxes via TextType <Tab>&
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