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  1. kunkel321's post in Multiple choice menu help was marked as the answer   
    Also remember to check out the a&ccelerator key things...
    from the help file (bottom of "Multiple Choice Menu" page):
    Multiple Choice Tips

    Make one of the Multiple Choice selections the Default
    Let's say you want option B to be your default selection. Use the Variable Set String command and select the Set Value Now option. Set the value of variable T1 to B. Insert this command before your Menu command in the macro script. When the macro runs, option B will display as the default selection.

    Allow users to select a menu item with the keyboard instead of clicking with the mouse
    Let's look at the Multiple Choice Menu image above. There are four entries in the Menu List. We want to set this up so that when the menu is displayed, the user can press a keystroke rather than click on their choice with the mouse. To do so we would modify the Menu List to look like the following:

    A &Go to Macro Express web site
    B &Run Notepad
    C &Insert email tagline
    D &Connect to FTP site

    You'll notice that an ampersand "&" has been placed in front of each item in the menu list. When the list is displayed during playback of the macro, the letter following the ampersand "&" will be underlined. The user can then press the underlined letter for the choice they want. This will highlight their choice. Pressing the Enter key will perform the macro selection chosen.

    The ampersand may be placed anywhere in the text string. It doesn't need to be placed before the first letter as in the example above. For example, we could set item A to read as follows: Go to &Macro Express web site. In this case the M will be underlined and pressing the "M" key during playback will highlight this menu option.

    Note 1: Be careful not to duplicate the underlined letters. Otherwise the first duplicate letter will be the default choice each time the letter is pressed.

    Note 2: If you are using the If Variable Contains command with the Multiple Choice Menu and you have “Save Item Text” checked, be sure to change the text you are comparing so that it includes the ampersand "&". For example, change “If Variable %T1% contains "Choice One" to “If Variable %T1% contains "&Choice One".

    Note 3: To insert an ampersand in the text that is not used as an accelerator, such as a menu item of "This & That", insert two ampersand symbols. Write the menu item as "This && That", so that it displays correctly when the macro runs.
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