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  1. Some - preach Christ even of envy and strife - Clarke, Adam. Commentary on the New Testament (Kindle Locations 43117-43118). Titus Books. Kindle Edition. Just copied line 1 from Kindle and then line 2 is automatically added. It's not a straight Windows copy/paste in that when one highlights text then a separate window opens giving one the opportunity to copy that text. Somehow the Kindle programming does its own unique copying into Windows clipboard and adds that extra line.
  2. I don't even know where to start on this one as simple and basic as it is. Virtually nothing on Kindle here from a quick search. When I copy text from a Kindle book and then paste it into a doc what I get is the content that I specifically copied plus info documenting the book and author that originated that text. The paste is only for me, not to be published, so copyright info is just intrusive and space wasting. Any thoughts how to strip out this source info as it is copied or pasted? Thanks.
  3. No new software installed. No computer problems. Had to reboot three times before I could stop it during the one incident. No new installation of ME. The offending macro was simply one command: Activate window. As it turns out, I had one macro that activated the wrong window maybe 50% of the time so under PROPERTIES I also checked WINDOW TITLE and added the window title there. Crucial mistake. Stan, support, looked through my .mex macro file and quickly suggested that the above, also checking WINDOW TITLE, was my problem. That appears to have been the case as - so far - everything now seems to be fine. Thanks, Stan from support. Again: this is one of the most valuable pieces of software I have ever purchased and I've been working with computers since before the WorldWideWeb and the advent of graphics! (Yeah, I'm really that old.)
  4. I've been using ME for a long, long time. Just recently I remember thinking that this is the best investment in software I have ever made and ME is constantly being used more and more as I write new macros. And then a couple of weeks later weird stuff starts happening. It may be connected to opening active windows. I wrote a very short macro just to open one particular window. It worked fine for a month or two and then suddenly one day recently it opened the correct window but then it returned to my original window, then back to the target window, then back to the original window, etc. I had to restart the computer three times before whatever was going on stopped. I disabled that macro! Thought that was all behind me now. Today when I used ME to open an active window (different program this time) but then I switched manually to another window shortly thereafter and then ME immediately returns me to that active window accessed by the macro and would not stop doing that. Every time I went to another window I would automatically return as if the macro was running non-stop. Somehow it even spilled over into Outlook so that when I tried to type a message in a new email it kept kicking me out and the cursor disappeared. I seemed to have stopped the nonsense by shutting down MacroExpress but I hate to think about running without ME. Anyone have any clue as to what is going on? I'm going to now add in clearing hooks at the end of every macro to see if that helps but I'm not too optimistic about that being the solution. I also just noticed that ME windows are not even opening correctly now. I tried to change the schedule on one macro, clicked schedule and there was only a brief flicker of the screen. After doing this a few times I tried an ALT+TAB and discovered the window there. I've been running Windows 7 for the last year on this machine with no trouble until that described above.
  5. it's a universal problem. I just used IE as an example. There are actually ten different macros set up to function this way and there are a combination of some just "Activate Window" and others "Activate or Launch." I think the next time this problem pops up though that I will check and see if it is limited to those using "Activate or Launch" then make a change. Thanks for the suggestion.
  6. Activate or Launch: "Windows Internet Explorer" OR "iexplore.exe" That's it. And I have a hot key attached of Alt+Page Down. There are several other similar setups. They all choke occasionally. Screen shot attached.
  7. I use ME and my numeric keypad to open different windows at various times during the workday rather then do an ALT-tab or even click on one of the icons/tabs at the bottom of the screen. In the course of a normal work day I wind up with so many windows open that I can lose several seconds just looking through all of my tabs. That's a real momentum breaker there when you have to do it as many times as I do through the day. The ACTIVATE window function in ME comes in really handy but the setup startles me occasionally when I click to activate a window and it doesn't happen. What does happen in that situation is that the appropriate tab is highlighted at the bottom of my monitor instead which, once I realize it, needs a click in order to activate that screen. Momentum stumble again. I thought the problem might be related to too many hooks being open so I went back and added a reset hooks (or whatever it is) to the end of most of my macros but it does not resolve the problem. Any suggestions on how to make ACTIVATE window fail safe are greatly appreciated.
  8. I never gave that a thought but it sounds like my best solution, too. I'll probably buy the cheaper edition of iMacro and use that for much of my web work. Other than playing around with the free Firefox plugin for a few minutes I have no experience with iMacros. Is there any trick to calling an iMacro into the Macro Express work flow? I haven't made any new macros in probably the last two years.
  9. I think your theory is less bunk than my theory. My theory is that the internet in general is 80% technology, and then in math that only a witch doctor could understand, 25% Voodoo and I base this on all of the inconsistencies we've all experienced over the years. For Macro Express I'll stick with your procedures. Before long though I'll probably have to bite the bullet and learn a new system by purchasing iMacros. I played around with their free Firefox plugin a few months ago and it doesn't seem to have this problem. But I really like Macro Express...
  10. I'm not sure how experienced you are with this but undoubtedly you have more experience than I do so I pose this question to you. His idea worked for my Google example but not for the Ebay page while you on the other hand did actually have success with the Ebay page. Do you, or anyone for that matter, have any wild guesses on why it won't work for me with the Ebay page. I tried with Firefox 1 and 3 and IE6 & 8 over two computers and experimented with it on Ebay for quite a while with absolutely no successes. It worked for you at least once but never for me so I'm really baffled now. I thought it was just an absolute limitation of ME but then it worked for you on the Ebay page.
  11. Ok. Bad example. My apology offered. This ebay page seems to represent more accurately the problem I have had in the past. https://signin.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Si...www.ebay.com%2F I'm trying it with "User ID" and "Password" and your very good suggestion doesn't seem to work in Firefox or IE 8 on this page. Your suggestion does work in some situations but apparently not in all?
  12. Let's use Google as an example. https://www.google.com/accounts/NewAccount You want your macro to enter the text box just to the right of "Your current email address:" Use ALT + d and the cursor jumps to the address bar as a universal start point and then *maybe* you can then TAB the same number of times and hit that box every time but in practice it doesn't work very well consistently. So how would you approach jumping right to that specific text box for entering your current email address? I've spent hours trying to master this problem and still don't have any clue on a 100% effective solution. Thanks for any input.
  13. I gather from iMacros that I need macro software that has its own browser built in but still hoping for an alternate solution here.
  14. I'm dusting off my old copy of ME3 Explained (the paperback) and preparing to make some new macros. I've been using the same dozen or so since 2005 and haven't had to do much of anything in the way of new macros in quite a while so this is going to be a bit of a stretch getting back to speed. First problem: locating and clicking a text link on a browser page. First off I remember that other than starting off in a browser window from the address bar and then maybe I TAB 14 times to get to suchandsuch a link to click there was no good way to locate that link on a page. Is there a better way? I mean, tab counts do change with minor page redesigns. For instance, if we look at http://slashdot.org/. Upper right hand quadrant there is a link to "Create Account". What is the most direct and effective way to nail that link first time every time (to click it) and do so pretty much for any page and any text link? Doing a FIND doesn't do it and I remember that when I tried this a couple of years ago I gave up on there being a good way to do this. Just TAB "x" times and hope for the best. There will be instances (such as with slashdot.org) where I'm allowed to go directly to the url that is generated by clicking that link. How then do I locate/enter text boxes on a web form? http://slashdot.org/login.pl?op=newuserform. How to easily enter the Nick Name box? Any and all ideas on how to accomplish this will be greatly appreciated.
  15. Just a FYI to anyone considering a similar approach on their computer, it's been nearly a week and the macro has not created any problems. I rarely see the update happening and even though it's a bit startling if I'm in the midst of typing something I've yet to lose even a keystroke. Simple solution. Works great for me. I'm actually using a Task list effectively/regularly.
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