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  1. I have one more question regarading the topic above for the windows with the same exact name. If I use the option for alphabetcally and not the option for z-order. If both of them are captured with the same name, how will it order to 2 names. Will it be by z-order, what window launched first, what window is first in the task bar ... or a particular order?
  2. Thank you .. this may solve some of my problems... See I have multiple versions of the same program that all have the same exact name for the windows tile... unfortunetly we cannot change the title at all so we have a problem with being able to work with multiple versions of the program
  3. We have a program that I use at work here and no matter how many versions that we bring up that all have the same windows title on the type of the page. Is there a way for us to allow a macro to either assign some sort of marker to show the difference between the 2 programs or is there a macro option that will allow us to bring up the first instance or the 2nd instance of this and make it the window we want the macro to work on. If there is no current feature for this... This would make a great suggestion for a future update to include one of the above features so that we can pull up the correct program to use.
  4. I actually tried your suggestion and what happens is if the range 1 if statement is true and does thing 1, then when it comes to range 2 and that is false it will also do the else. I only want it to do the else if neither of the 2 ranges are met. having a third one for the ranges outside of range 1 and range 2 acutally works. ********* regarding the case statements.. it is completely different from the above. i dont think i was explaining myself. I wanted to know if a text variable contains ABCDEF and rather than me using an IF statment I would use a case statment like this Switch text variable case A do thing 1 end case case B do thing 2 end case end switch i was just wondering if the case statements would read the entire variable and would would run the case statement if it would contain the variable. Like if the text variable contained AB. Would it run both A and B or just A.
  5. well basically what i origannly needed to do was to what this if t1 >00100 and t2 < 01999 process this text file and lookup the value if t1 >10000 and <69999 open up this file and then the third option is if it does not meet either of the 2 then display an error message so i can up with an if/and/or statement if t1<00100 or t1> 01999 and t1< 10000 or >6999 then display error message. now if i were to put an else in the 1st one or the 2nd one ... if one of them did not meet the criteria it would display the message **************** for my case/switch problem. this is another situation with a multiple coice menu where you can select up to 6 choices would that be better for a case or an If contain statement to do different calculcations what i want to know is .. say the meny is set to T2 which would contain up to 6 letters from the menu ... ABCDEF if I do a case statment ... will it go thru and look for at least one of the letters like an IF contains B statement would... or do I have to make multiple if statements to do what i want to do ... the reason why i making this so complicated is to make it easy for the people that I am making this for. This process I am created has a lot of errors with it if it is done manully so I am trying to automate it as much as i can and throw in some validations also
  6. i do have one more questions regarding if statements or case statements say i have a multiple choice menu that allows users to select multiple items say .. A..B..C...D..E...F now to determine based upon what they select i need to do some math .. if they select more than one i need to do some more math ...would a case satement work if I where to choose a b and c and then have my case statement look like this Case A do math end case Case B add to case A end case Case C add to case C end case will it look for all the variable thought the entire line or do i need to do an if statment for that
  7. i have found what i needed to do .. i need an if statement with an "and" and a "OR" statement in it to get the outside ranges liek this <IFVAR2:1:78:3:00100><OR><IFVAR2:1:78:4:01996><AND><IFVAR2:1:78:3:10000><OR><IFVAR2:1:78:4:69999>
  8. here is the code i am using first of all <IFVAR2:1:78:5:00100><AND><IFVAR2:1:78:6:01996><IFVAR2:1:70:5:2008><ADFBEG:F11:001:000001:000000:X:\Anesthesia stuff\2008 anesthesia crosswalk.txt><IFVAR2:4:01:1:T78><TBOX4:T:1:CenterCenter000278000200:000:asdf%T1% %T2%><TMVAR2:05:02:02:000:000:><BREAK><ENDIF><ADFEND><ENDIF><IFVAR2:1:70:6:2007><ADFBEG:F11:001:000001:000000:X:\Anesthesia stuff\2007 anesthesia crosswalk.txt><IFVAR2:4:01:1:T78><TMVAR2:05:02:02:000:000:><BREAK><ENDIF><ADFEND><ENDIF><IFVAR2:4:01:2:T78><TBOX4:T:1:CenterCenter000278000200:000:ErrorThe CPT that you have entered does not have any anesthestic value. Please make sure you have a valid CPT code and that it is an anesthesia code.><MSTOP><ENDIF><ENDIF><IFVAR2:1:78:5:10000><AND><IFVAR2:1:78:6:69999><TBOX4:T:1:CenterCenter000278000200:000:CrosswalkLookup up the base units according to your cpt code on the Surgery Code Crosswalk Press OK to bring up the crosswalk><LAUNCHDEL2:0:60X:\Anesthesia stuff\2002 Anesthesia Crosswalk.pdf><WFREADY:000010:000000:000000X:\Anesthesia stuff\2002 Anesthesia Crosswalk.pdf><IVAR2:02:02:FEnter the Base Units as per the Anesthesia crosswalk for your CPT FFCenter:Center><IFVAR2:2:02:6:0><TBOX4:T:1:CenterCenter000278000200:000:ErrorThe CPT that you have entered does not have any anesthestic value. Please make sure you have a valid CPT code and that it is an surgery code.><MSTOP><ENDIF><ENDIF> here is what i need to accomplish with this .. i have 2 ranges I am looking for and both of those ranges have a different proces to do ... what i want to do is to an out of range error message that will display an error message when those 2 ranges are not met ... is there a way to do this
  9. Anyone have an update when this feature would come out if it is going to come out?
  10. Thks a lot it did work, definetly know what i need to do at this point for error handling in numbers.. thks a lot
  11. I was wondering if there is a way or an option or if anyone knows of a script i can use. I want to test a particular number (decimal) to make sure it is vaild. I want to make sure that the number of decimals after you enter in a number is not more than 2 decimals places... ex XXX.xx ... I want to be able to set it up so that when it is invalid i can display an error message. The error message I got but to test to make sure that there are no more than 2 decimal places I do not. Any help would be appreciated
  12. I would like to know if there is an option to make a floating macro menu. I would like a menu that can display not only an icon but the name of the macro also. I see you can do 1 or the other for the floating menu but it does not allow for both. Is there a way to do a icon with both or make thewindows default menu option a floating menu
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