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  1. Then the amount of time for that to happen to change security and add certificates when the files are not owned by you and they are shared among a few dozen departments on a global scale and to make any type of changes to them requires at least a few dozen sign-offs... ME would be on version 10 by the time I get this process resolved... Even if security was changable on my machine and not directly affects the excel file. again you have company policy in which the way software is installed and configured has to be sustained as is... so it would be faster to figure out how to press a simple button or get an answer that it is not technically possible to do what I am asking for...
  2. My Excel file contains macros within it. Therefore when opening up the excel file, I get the 'Security Warning' prompt to press one of the 3 buttons (Disable Macros, Enable Macros and More Info).. I tried using the 'Get Control' and 'Mouse Click On Control', but for some reason it won't press the 'Enable Macro' button that I need. I tried using the 'Text Type' to use the TAB and SPACE keyboards to tab over to the button I need and press the space bar, but it won't work either.. infact, if I press the 'Enable Macro' button myself and the excel file opens, then I can see that the tab and space move the cursor within the cells.... but not intelligent enoough to detect it on the Windows Security Prompt for the enabling of the buttons.. Any help would be great! thanx
  3. but what happens if my excel file has a macro within it that requires user intervention to press the 'enable macro' button.. can that be automated?
  4. I'm new at this.. I have a bunch of Excel and Word documents in a particular folder/directory. I can see hat I can use the 'Open Folder' in the 'Exploer' area to go to a specific folder/directory... But I need to know how to tell ME how to open up a specific Excel File or Word File.. any help would be great..
  5. I am trying to run a hotkey that will copy the value into a variable from a excel cell.. perform a 'IF End' test function and the test function will replace the abbrivation of whatever the variable contains and then write it back to the cell.. Other than my 'AIR CANADA' and BANK OF NOVA SCOTIA' cells, the macro is giving me unpredictable results. There are times where it does replace the cell at all and at times will replace the cell with something that is not even in any of my test conditions. If I open up notepad and highlight the same words and run the macro, it behaves fine. Below is my script: <DIS:<CLIPE><CLIPC><TVAR2:01:03:><TMVAR2:01:01:00:000:000:><IFVAR2:1:01:1:AIR CANADA><TMVAR2:21:01:00:000:000:AIR CANADAAC><ENDIF><IFVAR2:1:01:1:ABB INC.><TMVAR2:21:01:00:000:000:ABB INC.ABB><ENDIF><IFVAR2:1:01:1:ABB CANADA><TMVAR2:21:01:00:000:000:ABB CANADAABB><ENDIF><IFVAR2:1:01:1:BANK OF NOVA SCOTIA><TMVAR2:21:01:00:000:000:BANK OF NOVA SCOTIABNS><ENDIF><IFVAR2:1:01:1:ALBERTA EMPLOYMENT, IMMIGRATION AND INDUSTRY><TMVAR2:21:01:00:000:000:ALBERTA EMPLOYMENT, IMMIGRATION AND INDUSTRYAEII><ENDIF><IFVAR2:1:01:1:ALBERTA HEALTH AND WELLNESS><TMVAR2:21:01:00:000:000:ALBERTA HEALTH AND WELLNESSAHW><ENDIF><IFVAR2:1:01:1:AMERICAN EXPRESS - CANADA><TMVAR2:21:01:00:000:000:AMERICAN EXPRESS - CANADAAMEX><ENDIF><IFVAR2:1:01:1:ATB FINANCIAL - ALBERTA TREASURY BRANCHES><TMVAR2:21:01:00:000:000:ATB FINANCIAL - ALBERTA TREASURY BRANCHESATB><ENDIF><IFVAR2:1:01:1:Banque Nationale Du Canada (BNC)><TMVAR2:21:01:00:000:000:Banque Nationale Du Canada (BNC)BNC><ENDIF><IFVAR2:1:01:1:BELL CANADA><TMVAR2:21:01:00:000:000:BELL CANADABELL><ENDIF><TEXTTYPE:%T1%><TEXTTYPE:<ARROW DOWN>> any ideas would be greatly appricated..
  6. hi all.. I am running a custom made program that a programmer made for us that has a bunch of input box fields that dispaly values from a database search. Can someone give me a sample script on how I can set focus to the custom made application, have it go into the first inbox box field that contains information, copies it to a memory variable, and continues to jump from input box field to input box field capturing the values in each nad putting them in their own memory variables. thank you. Tom
  7. Hello All.. I'm new at this, so any help would be greatly appricated. I have a excel worksheet that has rows (cells) in a column with a person's name. such as "Tom Delios" I would like to know how grab the first letter in the cell of 'Tom Delios', search for the space, and grab the remaining text after the space and concantenate them together to make up "TDelios" and replace "Tom Delios" in the cell with "TDelios" any help would be greatly appricated Thanx Tom
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