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  1. It is probably like this for backwards compatibility. Over the years, Macro Express has morphed from a handful of commands to what we have now. In each new major release, the underlying file and command structure (the MEX file) has changed dramatically. But converting has always been easy because they attempt not to break anything by deprecating old commands. They may also feel that it is a command that users are used to having and did not want to rock the boat. Having a Wait for Text Playback checkbox in the Text Type command is a nice idea and you should suggest it if not having done so.
  2. The topic is asking for an answer to: "How do I move a folder using Macro Express Pro?". The answer has been presented. If the structure of the command syntax is too difficult to grasp; if it is not intuitive enough or it is not standard enough then don't use it. Find a different way.
  3. What do you consider standard Windows fashion to be, exactly? Drag-and-drop via Windows Explorer?
  4. It makes no sense to Wait for Text to Playback for a single key Alt+F4. The command was designed for situations where the Text Type command could overflow the keyboard buffer. MX Pro, like its predecessors, can push characters into the keyboard buffer faster than the targeted program can extract them. So in order to Text Type long paragraphs into a Word document use Wait for Text to Playback between paragraphs, but don't use it for things like Alt+F4.
  5. The key to moving a folder to a non-existing target (a folder that does not yet exist) is to leave off the trailing backslash in the Destination Path/Name field. The trailing backslash in the File(s) Path/Name field doesn't matter, at least not in this case. So your example would work if written like this: <MOVE FILE/FILES Source="C:\\temp\\Subfolder1\\" Dest="C:\\NewDestination" Progress="FALSE" Recurse="FALSE"/> If you leave the trailing backslash in the Destination Path/Name field then the files will be moved to the target destination, but the source folder itself will remain.
  6. So ... mouse click problem not in MX 3 but in MX Pro? Is that what you are saying? We have come full circle, I think. =============================================================================== Macro Express Pro v =============================================================================== 54. Fixed a bug where swapped mouse buttons didn't work correctly. Let's assume for the moment that the above fix in does indeed address the problem you had, and are having. I am not sure ISS means they fixed a conversion problem or they fixed an internal MX Pro problem. If it is a conversion problem, and you converted you MX3 macros prior to the above release, then maybe converting them again will resolve the issue. If it not a conversion problem,and you are convinced that the mouse buttons are switched, then try the direct editor. Use its features to swap the click commands: <MOUSE RIGHT CLICK/> and <MOUSE LEFT CLICK/>.
  7. I'm guessing because the Control Panel doesn't get focus.
  8. Mouse click problem in MX 3 and not in MX Pro? Is that what you are saying?
  9. It is easy to unintentionally thread-jack posts especially in a programming forum. So okay ... stop it. Thank you. To answer the topic title, yes, Wait for Text Playback is very reliable. Although I do not have any direct knowledge of its implementation, I assume the intention is to simply halt the macro until the keyboard buffer returns NULL or is empty. Never had a problem with it. Ever. To the other, er, speculative comments. You are overrunning the keyboard buffer. Macro Express can feed the keyboard buffer a gazillion times faster than the application you are typing to can extract the characters. So use Wait for Text Playback after sending a handful of data to the buffer OR use the Keystroke Speed command which sets a delay between each character fed into the buffer OR use both commands.
  10. Mouse click problem in Macro Express 3? Is that what you are saying?
  11. Actually we are all betting on you to come up with something clever so, you know, we wouldn't have to. Darn.
  12. So you're saying you need the datetime stamp of a file to be presented to you as a MX Pro decimal value so you can use the Convert Decimal to Date/Time command? Which stamp: created, modified, or accessed?
  13. I believe he is looking for the specific choice of "Wait for Cursor Change" in the drop down list. It appears to not be in MX Pro even though it is in MX. Strange.
  14. I strongly suspect that if this were easily doable, ISS would have done it by now given the hundreds of requests for it. I know that is not an answer, but it is a warning that you could spend a lot of time on it. On the other hand, it is perfectly doable using IE.
  15. The taskbar metrics are reported using an API call. What you see is what Windows reports. It is anybody's guess why it reports what it reports.
  16. Must be a mistake. He probably threw a few zingers in the book to see if anyone would notice ... but hey, you didn't hear that from me.
  17. Thanks. We try to keep the excitement level, you know, up there. Truly, we do. I see. So maximizing without, er, maximizing. Got it. Seems that we need to find a way to determine desktop client height and width rather than just desktop height and width.
  18. It's good to be back. I see things have changed er, very little. Was feeling Comfortably Numb for a while and then I went on the Run and ended up on the Dark Side of the Moon .. were I was Wish[ing] You Were Here. Always good stuff Cory. Thanks. And thanks for filling the void! I guaranteee it is appreciated by all! Well I've been playing with Macro Express Pro for a while now and I find it to be a tremendous tool. This, despite some obvious and inconvenient bugs. I have faith that ISS will do their usual good job of making things better. They've never failed me yet in all these years. And my oh my ... but that External Script command just, well, it just brings a tear to my eye. But okay ... I don't want to thread-jack this fella's post. --------- Well your solution seems plausible except that it would create an unwanted "flash" and it would only work if the "Keep the taskbar on top of other windows" box was checked (Taskbar Properties dialog).
  19. Kevin is absolutely correct, which is why I could not recommend the solution. So let me repeat my question so we can help find the correct solution: Is the goal then to maximize a window as if the taskbar was showing whether or not it is?
  20. Is the goal then to maximize a window as if the taskbar was showing whether or not it is?
  21. Let me get this straight ... You ask for help State what the symptoms are Refuse to answer any questions that might help us help you Accuse those willing to help of changing your problem's description Then write that you are "grateful"? What a crock. <EDITED>
  22. Does this delay between macros happen on any other workstation? And?
  23. They seem to be working for me. Attached is a picture of what I'm seeing. I'm not sure, but I would think not because the icons are not embedded anywhere.
  24. Not sure what is happening. I set up a test with the calculator and got the same results as you. I'll create a bug report and send it to Insight. In the mean time, two single-clicks in a row can be used as a work-around.
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