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  1. I know licensing might be an issue. My concern is that each virtual connection would be running a different library. And I have no idea if this will work or not.
  2. Currently, we have 50+ workstations set up with ME to process multiple projects. Some the same macros, some different. They change all the time depending on the project. Because we are using so many resources (computers) and our projects are growing, the question has come up on whether or not we could run ME off of a server. Specifically, we would lose our actual desktops, and each keyboard/monitor would be directly connected to the server. now, my first thought is that since ME runs off of each individual computer, how would a server react to 60+ sessions logged in all trying to run d
  3. I do something similar to Cory... but rather than looking for conditions ON the screen... I set a loop to repeat until a specific Window Title is there. I would think that, unless you are working in mulitple web pages or windows with the same names, this would work a little more efficiently. Something like this: Repeat Start (Repeat 60 times) Variable Set String %T1% from Window Title If Variable %T1% contains "Macro Express Forums" Break End If Delay 1 Seconds Repeat End If Variable %T1% does not contain "Macro Express Forums" E-Mail Send: Know Recipients, Fixe
  4. Actually, we use the "get pixel color" command quite a bit. I find that on a lot of our native applications as well as the web applications, the "boxes" are not built as controls... So, our workaround was to watch the application for color changes specific to that process. Speaking of which... I may have posted this before... but I find that 'wait for webpage to load' does not work on many of our macros very well. The page will show loaded without the information appearing on the screen and causing the macro to continue prematurely. We use the "get pixel color" command twice in a repea
  5. Agreed with Joe and Cory. We have been running ME for about 3 years. Over 500 working macros. We have installed the version updates as they come out on over 50 machines. Never had to modify any coding due to the upgrades. Not to make any accusations... but sounds like your "expert" may be a little self-concious of his/her own abilities to manage the scripts?
  6. I was trying that yesterday before I posted this, but no go. Still didn't work. I created a work-around by activating the start/run command and using text type with the full file path. That will work I guess.
  7. I am trying to create a extremely simple macro. Launch an excel file and navigate a couple options. Problem is that the excel file is incoded with macros and coding. I am using the program launch command. But it appears that macro sits and waits for the window title... but the excel document is programmed to prompt a user with a yes/no option box (run the imbeded excel macro or not). Macro will not continue running due to the fact that the excel file has not fully launched. The purpose of the macro I am building in ME is to select one of the options in that prompt box. But, again, ME si
  8. Hey Joe... Another question for you. In the Example "Activate Workbook - Interactive"... Had a question on your coding. You set T11 to the path of the applet... and you set T14 to the applet name. Seems to me like this is a waste of variables. Couldn't you set T14 to be the entire path and application? In my world, variables are at a premium. I need to cut waste wherever I can because some of our programs are stretched to the brink. Let me know your thoughts on why it was programmed this way.
  9. Joe, Working with that applet now. All I can say is... WOW!!! This is exactly what I needed. I can modify this to do quite a few things that I handn't been able to do in the past. Great work!!!
  10. Thanks Joe! Been pretty busy so haven't had much time to post on here. I do read through the threads regularly... but don't always have time to reply. And thanks for making those corrections to the re-direct. Couldn't figure out what was going on. I saw your post before regarding the Excel functions. I didn't go into it deep enough because I thought it had to do with mulitple workbooks rather than worksheets. I am going to give it a look. Thanks!!!
  11. I would be interested in this as well... have run across this a few times. Also in an application.
  12. Joe, Maybe this has been done before... and I am just too lazy to search, but I have a project on my table right now that requires me to view different tabs within an excel file. I need excel to launch a program, and I need to be able to navigate to a specific tab. Have you done this before? I am not an excel expert, but I don't see a way to navigate directly to a specific worksheet.
  13. First off, no reason to feel silly. We get many questions from users that have purchased ME for gaming. Quite honestly, I think using it to enter contests makes more sense than gaming. To point you in the right direction, I would suggest you look into the repeat commands.
  14. blopib, To copy the command text... select all the code you want to copy, right click and select "Copy Command Text". This will take out the coding for you. Here you go.. Variable Set Integer %N1% to 1 Repeat Start (Repeat 50 times) Variable Set String %T1% "dc" Variable Set String %T2% "%T1%%N1%" // Text Box Display is only to show the result in T2 for example: dc1 Text Box Display: Show the value of %T2% Variable Modify Integer: Inc (%N1%) Repeat End
  15. Rustywinger, Just a small suggestion... because I, like you, like order in my macros... Rather than using Repeat Until %T39% = "8" for infinite loops, I use "Repeat Until %T1% <> %T1%"... basically, repeat until T1 does not equal T1... since T1 will always = T1... it will keep going until another set of requirements have been met. Just a suggestion to keep it clean. I use this quite frequently. And you will never have to worry about using up a variable.
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