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  1. Is there any way to keep these txt-macros protected with a password? Or should I just give that up.... I can make them Read-Only, of course...
  2. That's a good idea! My problem is though that my macro's (now 5) are used throughout our department and they're password-protected. I wrote an updater-macro, but I've got some difficulties with that, so sometimes a user needs to import them by hand... I know that's not a valid reason for NOT doing things the right way, but there are soooo many things to do
  3. Hi all, I'm working in a couple rather long macro's and I suddenly wondered: why are there no linenumbers in the Script-editor or when I print a macro? Wouldn't this be rather usefull? Or did I miss something and is it already implemented.... ?
  4. Hmm, the idea is clear to me but somehow it doesn't work for me. I don't get the contenttext, but the title of the combobox...
  5. I've just tried it out and it appears to work! That's great, finally I think I can solve my problem! Thanks a lot!!
  6. I don't want to *bump* my posting, but it's a question concerning the problem mentioned in my first posting: Can Macro-Express get the text in the STATUS-bar of a browser-window?? If that is possible, my problem is solved: I'd let the macro wait untill the status-bar sais: "Done" and then I know the page is loaded completely! I would even be happy with a sollution, where my macro first detectes the size of the browser-window and then check waht is written 5 mm above the bottom of the window (if that's possible at all)...
  7. I thought of those window-titles too, but they don't change I've read about the pixel-color-trick many times, but I'm a bit suspicious whether it really is bug-free: we use the macro's in the whole team. And with different monitor-sizes, personal settings, etc. I'm afraid there might be a lot of troubles in this... My guts tell me the solution lies in the second option: splitting up the macro in seperate macro's, calling each other if they've done something succesfully. But I'm not sure yet how to work it out and depending on WHAT they continue or halt. I'll have to think it over.... Thanks for your help so far!
  8. Thanks for this great idea! But I see a small problem ahead (knowing our IT-guys): if they change not only the list but also the actual text. E.g. if what I was looking for is the option "User did not pay" into "User didn't pay", then I wouldn't find it, would I? A sollution could be to search in th source-code, since the "value" for this option would stay the same (probably). But your idea made me think the following: instead of putting a fixed number into the macro and having to change it everytime (and then all my collegues have to re-import the macro), it would be better if I just put the number into a separate textfile on the server. Then I only need to change the textfile and I don't need to touch the original macro anymore. Do you think that would work?
  9. Hi randallc, I don't want to sound too suspicious, but could you pls tell me what that .exe does (before I download it)? Just wanna make sure my boss isn't going to fire me because I've sent out some company-info's
  10. Hi all, I've got a problem with posting info through a webform to a database. I've been looking in the earlier postings, but didn't find a solution, so here it goes: In our company we use a webform to store some information about members into a database. To add this info, we use a we use a webform and a server-side-script. I have a macro that does this for me: it opens the webpage (wait to load) "https://www.oursite.com/some-cgi/blabla.dll?dosomething". This webpage contains some form-elements like textboxes, -areas, checkboxes an one pull-down-list. The macro I wrote manouvres through the form by searching for a text on the page and tabbing to the next form-field. It puts the necessary info in the right fields. For the pulldown-menu I found the trick to: (1) tab to the list, (2) enter the first character of the option I want to select and then (3) keyboard-arrowdown "x"-times untill the wanted option is selected and then tab to the next field. In one of there textareas we enter the source-code for a webpage, containing the actual info we want to add for the user. And after all fields are filled out, I tab to the "submit"-button and click it. This far all works fine! After the submit-button has been clicked, the form is submitted and then a confirmation-page is shown ("https://www.oursite.com/some-cgi/blabla.dll"): here I have the last opportunity to check the info. On this page I let the macro search again for a text and tab to the "Submit"-button and click it. Then the info gets submitted and a page is shown "Note has been added". My macro closes the window then and goes on to the next case. I'm experiencing 2 problems: (1) after the first click it sometimes takes extremely long (>>30 sec) before the confirmation-page is shown. Since it's a dll-link, I cannot use "wait to load", because the page is already loaded (we just submitted the info through it). My idea was to let the macro loop after the first "submit"-button was clicked: search for some text that is only on the second page (and not on the first one) - if this text is not found then wait a bit longer - else find the second "Submit"-button and click it. But I didn't succeed in writing such a loop, I'm running in circles. (2) our IT-Dept regularly surprises me by adding , deleteing and changing options in the options-list. And then I have to recount the number of times the ARROW-DOWN must be clicked. My wish is to get a macro that submits the info directly to the third page: something like "https://www.oursite.com/some-cgi/blabla.dll?storeitnow&var1=username&var2=optionvalue361&note=here_comes_the_html_sourcecode....". I hope you're still with me here ;-) But the value for the note is HTML-source-code and thus it contains special characters like "<", "/", etcetera. I know php has a possibility to change HTML-specialcharacters into characters, that I could submit like above.... Does anybody have an idea how I could solve these two problems?? Any idea would be welcome!!
  11. Yep, that's what I tried...guess our company-network is really secure
  12. That's a great idea! Why didn't I think of that? Thanks!
  13. Hi, I've tried to upload a copy, but I get the error "You cannot upload this type of file". I've tried to upload it as .mex and as playable. I suspect our network is blocking...sorry. I'll try to find a workaround, but I don't have internet at home at the moment, so it might take a couple of days.
  14. Hi guys, just to let you know: I've found it and it appera to be working fine! I created a simple .txt-file on the server and placed the macros on the server. The macro reads out the macro-names to be replaced out of the txt-file (no need to check who has which version: I just update them everymorning) and then deletes the current version and imports the new macro! As Joe already mentioned: actrually quite simple! I just hadn't thought about it that way Thanx for your help!
  15. Hi guys, Thanx for all the advice and help. I just read your comments, since I don't have a working internet-connection at home I'll give it a try today!
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