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  1. My copy is showing the following as the latest version as is the Insight website.
  2. Strange Terry. I'm in the UK and I'm on the same version as Cory albeit, I'm on Home rather than Pro Win10. I usually do a forced check for updates each night before closing down.
  3. Try adding a Keystroke Speed at the beginning of the macro. I usually use 50ms and then lower the time until it fails.
  4. Can you not just put the Username and Password in here? This is from the File menu. Alan
  5. I think Terry means you need only copy from the following line: - <COMMENT Value="Open the Start/Search box"/> Alan
  6. Thanks for that Acantor. My feeling is that I probably don't need voice interaction often enough to justify buying additional software. However, if that changes, I will look into Dragon again. I appreciate your time and reply. Alan
  7. Thanks Cory. I've actually decided to switch Cortana off. It was intermittently popping up even when I had my microphone physically turned off. I agree, it kept wanting to open Edge if it didn't understand my commands. More trouble than it's worth. I'll stick to typing apart from if I want to dictate a longish document. Alan
  8. Thanks Cory, I'll keep looking as I don't have Dragon. I know there is some info on getting Dragon working with MEP, but I was hoping I could use what's built in to Win10 if possible. I was trying to close Office apps with Cortana and discovered that it can't be done. Incredibly, MS allows you to OPEN apps with voice commands, but not CLOSE them. Utterly bizarre! Alan
  9. Has anybody managed to get MEP to interact with Cortana on Win10? I can't work out how to send simple keystrokes using voice commands, so was hoping someone may have found a solution or have some suggestions to try. Alan
  10. Thanks Terry, I'll try making time over the weekend to have another look at it.
  11. I'm not seeing that version on the Insight website yet! Alan
  12. Hi Terry. As I'm in the UK too, I'm surprise you don't have 1903 yet as I got upgraded on 3rd July. I think you need to manually invoke 'Check for updates' in order to update it. I haven't noticed any obvious issues so far since updating*. * Don't blame if if you do 🙂 Alan
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