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  1. Try adding a Keystroke Speed at the beginning of the macro. I usually use 50ms and then lower the time until it fails.
  2. Can you not just put the Username and Password in here? This is from the File menu. Alan
  3. I think Terry means you need only copy from the following line: - <COMMENT Value="Open the Start/Search box"/> Alan
  4. Thanks for that Acantor. My feeling is that I probably don't need voice interaction often enough to justify buying additional software. However, if that changes, I will look into Dragon again. I appreciate your time and reply. Alan
  5. Thanks Cory. I've actually decided to switch Cortana off. It was intermittently popping up even when I had my microphone physically turned off. I agree, it kept wanting to open Edge if it didn't understand my commands. More trouble than it's worth. I'll stick to typing apart from if I want to dictate a longish document. Alan
  6. Thanks Cory, I'll keep looking as I don't have Dragon. I know there is some info on getting Dragon working with MEP, but I was hoping I could use what's built in to Win10 if possible. I was trying to close Office apps with Cortana and discovered that it can't be done. Incredibly, MS allows you to OPEN apps with voice commands, but not CLOSE them. Utterly bizarre! Alan
  7. Has anybody managed to get MEP to interact with Cortana on Win10? I can't work out how to send simple keystrokes using voice commands, so was hoping someone may have found a solution or have some suggestions to try. Alan
  8. Thanks Terry, I'll try making time over the weekend to have another look at it.
  9. I'm not seeing that version on the Insight website yet! Alan
  10. Hi Terry. As I'm in the UK too, I'm surprise you don't have 1903 yet as I got upgraded on 3rd July. I think you need to manually invoke 'Check for updates' in order to update it. I haven't noticed any obvious issues so far since updating*. * Don't blame if if you do 🙂 Alan
  11. This should work a lot smoother. <VARIABLE SET INTEGER Option="\x00" Destination="%Count%" Value="1"/> <TEXT BOX DISPLAY Title="Progress" Content="{\\rtf1\\ansi\\ansicpg1252\\deff0\\deflang1033{\\fonttbl{\\f0\\fnil\\fcharset0 Tahoma;}{\\f1\\fnil Tahoma;}}\r\n\\viewkind4\\uc1\\pard\\f0\\fs20 %Count%\\f1 \r\n\\par }\r\n" Left="Center" Top="Center" Width="278" Height="200" Monitor="0" OnTop="TRUE" Keep_Focus="TRUE" Mode="\x02" Delay="1"/> <REPEAT START Start="1" Step="1" Count="10" Save="FALSE"/> <DELAY Flags="\x02" Time="1000"/> <VARIABLE MODIFY INTEGER Option="\x07" Destination="%Count%"/> <TEXT BOX UPDATE Header="Progress" Content="{\\rtf1\\ansi\\ansicpg1252\\deff0\\deflang1033{\\fonttbl{\\f0\\fnil Tahoma;}}\r\n\\viewkind4\\uc1\\pard\\f0\\fs20 %Count%\r\n\\par }\r\n"/> <END REPEAT/>
  12. acantor, This is what I have always done since version 3.
  13. This should work, although it is a bit slow. If anyone knows of a quicker way, please let me know? Shamelessly stolen from here :- https://www.macros.com/faq/1.79.html Repeat Until %cClipboardString% Equals "" Text Type (Simulate Keystrokes): <ARROW DOWN> Clipboard Copy Variable Set String %cClipboardString% from the clipboard contents Variable Modify String %cClipboardString%: Trim End Repeat <VARIABLE SET STRING Option="\x00" Destination="%cClipboardString%" NoEmbeddedVars="FALSE" _ENABLED="FALSE"/> <REPEAT UNTIL Variable="%cClipboardString%" Condition="\x00"/> <TEXT TYPE Action="0" Text="<ARROW DOWN>"/> <CLIPBOARD COPY/> <VARIABLE SET STRING Option="\x02" Destination="%cClipboardString%" NoEmbeddedVars="FALSE"/> <VARIABLE MODIFY STRING Option="\x00" Destination="%cClipboardString%"/> <END REPEAT/> Alan
  14. Terry, I didn't get any email either. I'm in low paid temporary work at the moment, so can't justify the full price for what appears on the whole to be cosmetic changes. I may have made the switch at the (not seen here) discounted price, especially as a long term user. Alan
  15. <TEXT TYPE Action="0" Text="<RIGHTWIN>"/> The above works for me, if it's of any help. <RIGHTWIN> is in Misc Keys in the Text Type command.
  16. Oddly, when I try <Control>g from a Popup Menu, it doesn't work. That is, a menu item which simply has the command - Text Type (Simulate Keystrokes): <CONTROL>g
  17. I'll give it a further look when I get home from work. I did try a simple shut down macro I use very rarely which definitely used to work in Win10, but failed last night. I'll try again creating it from scratch to see if that makes a difference.
  18. I can't get Scheduled macros to run either Terry. I've tried all the compatibility options and also tried in safe mode, but they won't fire in Windows 10 Home. I'm almost sure that they did before, so don't know if it's connected to recent Windows Update or not. Windows 10 Home Version 1709 Build 16299.371
  19. That's what I'm working towards, possibly doing it all from within Excel. I'm going to use MEP to tie all bits together in the meantime until I suss more out. You've given me a really good start though, so thanks again Cory. Having to leave it until the weekend as I am currently job hunting and have an appointment tomorrow to prepare for. (Not an interview yet).
  20. That's excellent Cory. I can work with this now. I looked at that GET too, but didn't expand it enough to see the pricing information. A lot of work still for me to do, but I think I can manage it from here. I've even got some sort of working data in Excel now. Definitely bedtime now. Thanks again, Alan
  21. Cory, I've searched high and low through the URL I posted and can't find any reference to the link you posted. Where did you find that from? How did you know to use the bold part, as I can't find any reference to it in the rest of the code? https://www.premierinn.com/whitbread-services-unsecured/hotels/search/54.97814/-1.61622/40. Incidentally, great work so far, I still need date/price info, but don't know where (other than trawling through all the code) where or what link to use. I found several JSON->CSV/XLSX converters online for later as I tried loading as JSON data file in Excel 2016 but not yet experienced enough in handling the Data module (formally Power Pivot). Alan
  22. Cory, I know this is an old thread, but I can use the above External Script to grab a hotel website code, but this doesn't seem to include the data elements as displayed when using Chrome. I know I can fudge it and do the following:- 1) Go to Elements tab 2) Select Top most element 3) Edit as HTML 4) Select All 5) Copy etc. but this kind of defeats the purpose of using VBscript. Do you know what lines in the above code that I need to change so that I can download the actual 'Elements' script rather than just the surrounding HTML code? I've looked at the code above and can't see how to do this. Regards, Alan
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