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  1. the command is "Macro Run xxx", which calls another macro, in this case 'xxx' is the name. I always break my programs down into modules, the first being a variables declaration module that then calls the macro I want to run This way the variables are always available throughout your code (although you have to run or call the variables module for each module you want to debug). if you look below, there are code "snippets" that others have written and you can use them as modules... http://www.macros.com/sharedmacros.htm I took a "mouse move" module on the site and modified it and
  2. The limitation is in MSFT's clipboard, I think. From Excel help ("Troubleshoot collecting and pasting"): ================================================================= I can't add additional items to the Microsoft Office Clipboard. There are already 24 items on the Microsoft Office Clipboard If you copy more than 24 items, the Office Clipboard will delete the first item copied and then collect the 25th item. Collected items remain on the Office Clipboard until you close all Office programs running on your computer. To begin copying items again, delete some items or click Clear All
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