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  1. Hi Paul, Thank you for your suggestion. It took me some time of mulling it over to realize the advantage of your method over mine. Of course, it is the fact that a (your) macro is stored in and launched from within MS Access while a (my) shortcut is stored outside Access. Caelicola
  2. Hi, I don't succeed in designing a macro that just runs a Form in a mdb file in Microsoft Access. The "Launch and Activate" command launches MS Access successfully but is not able to load a mdb file into it, let alone a Form. The PGMFL Program Launch macro refused to load it as well. I don't understand this for opening the same mdb file and Form through a shortcut on the Desktop proceeds smoothly. To be sure, I have found a detour and attained my goal. The Form / mdb file will load if the shortcut mentioned, a *.MAF file , is used but is not there a more elegant way? A MAF file is
  3. hi Joe, When I rightclick on a file or a folder in addition to which its respective color turns into blue, its properties screen shows both its path and name. I had hoped for that the "state of selection" alone would be enough to free this information of both path and name and to make that information available to Macro Express. But this is apparently not the case? I mean it is not possible selecting a file or a folder and next starting a macro that puts path and name in a variable. No, I first have to start a macro containing some browse command. Is that right? Caelicola
  4. Whenever I use a Folder Recognition function like 'Set Value to Folder Name (prompt), the result is almost always wrong, that is, invariably I get C:\Program Files\Macro Express3. It is clear to me that I have adjusted my copy of Macro Express in a inaccurate way. But I don't know how to adjust it well. Can anyone help me please? caelicola
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