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  1. Hey IE is no problem here. It's part of the problem that the new system is IE only! Feel free to ask me to beta anything you'd like Yo Grark Canadian Bred with American Buttering
  2. I had written over 100 macros to make my job easier over the last years. Fantastic program. We recently moved systems from a fat client (everything clickable, tabbable, set window locations) to a new web-based system completely dynamic and mouse driven. ALL my macros now have to be re-written. Ok I can handle that. This new version is web-based (an area I've never written any macros on) and I'm running into troubles "screen scraping". How do I capture a button? What criteria do I use? How do I send a "do this" command to the web-browser without a mouse-click? Any additional help using a web-browser to capture/return information (without keystrokes) is appreciated. Yo Grark
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