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  1. I found the answer. I need only one command in my macro: Load text file. Even that was confusing, because I thought that after I loaded the text file, I would need another command to run it. Since I could not find such a command, I tried playing the macro consisting only of the "Load text file" command. IT WORKED! Thanks anyway. Maybe this will help someone else. I have been using Macro Express since 2005 and am glad to find yet another way to use it.
  2. I would like to create some macros to fill in certain forms online. I need to keep the scripts on another drive (a different drive from the one where macex.mex is located). It's easy for me to create a Text Type script in Macro Express and copy and past the script from Direct Editor to a text file. But I can't figure out how to tell Macro Express to run the script from a specific file at a specific location. I tried the command for processing a text file, but nothing happened. I'm not sure if I did something wrong, if that's the wrong command, or if I should use an ASCII file instead of a text file. I haven't been able to find the answer online. Will appreciate any help. I'm using Macro Express
  3. I was able to write a macro that performs the function of the Auto Correct macro and works on my computer. It does not require activating the system macro Run Macro Express Editor. Now I can make the dozens of shortkey macros I have wanted to!
  4. I am unable to get the Auto Correct macro to work. This is a macro submitted by a user and offered for download on the Macro Express web site. My problem seems to be with the first line in the macro: Run Macro Express Editor. It does not work on my system. I just uninstalled 3.5c and installed the new version, 3.5e, and it still does not work. If I press the hot key Ctrl + Alt + Shift + W, it does not work, either. Any idea why? I would love to use this macro, since it apparently makes it easy to create a lot of shortkey macros, one of the main reasons I bought Macro Express. I should mention that I have been using Macro Express for over six months and have successfully written and used many other macros. My problem is limited to getting the system macro Run Macro Express Editor to work. I suppose if I cannot get it to work, I could try a work-around to open the Editor, but I would rather get it to work as it should. BTW has anybody gotten this Auto Correct macro to work? I just tried disabling the first 3 lines, which have to do with opening the Editor, opening the Editor manually, and then running the rest of the macro, and it does not work. It must have worked once, because the author got a free T-shirt. Maybe I should just write my own macro for creating shortkey macros! I have not used variables before, so I would have something to learn. Seems like to ability to create shortkeys like Auto Correct in Word that work in many programs is one of the greatest values of Macro Express. An easy-to-use way to do it should come with the program--it would make it more appealing to users who are not programmers.
  5. The e-mail message announcing the release of v. 3.5d states that it is now possible to use "Wait for Web Page" with browsers other than IE. I want to use it with Opera, but I can't figure out how. The e-mail gives a link to a macro for Netscape; it gives detailed instructions as to how a macro can determine which is the default browser; but it does not say how to make the command work for Opera. I am only writing macros for myself, and I prefer Opera, so my macros do not need to determine the default browser. So is there anywhere I can find a "Wait for Web Page" command or macro that will work for Opera?
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