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  1. Yuk! Thought it wouldn't be simple, that's why I avoided it. The Excel VBA to colour the row green ("Good") was one line - Selection.Style = "Good". No doubt there are similar one liners for other styles. Horses for courses.
  2. The macro worked OK after your suggestion. Thanks again. However italicising the lines did not provide a complete solution. I found that though I could visually "filter" the rows that had been processed I couldn't filter them with Excel. Colouring the rows with ME mouse & keyboard commands would have been flakey so I wrote a simple Excel macro to colour the cells and tried launching the macro by typing the macro shortcut from ME. I thought there may be some reason why the ME macro would go wobbly - after colouring it goes on to do a heap of other stuff - but it worked a treat. That one cou
  3. Thanks Paul, you've cracked it. I don't think I ever would have thought of that in a million years. If you manually type Ctrl-Shift-I it doesn't italicise but if you type Ctrl-I with Caps lock on it does. Much appreciated.
  4. Thanks for the suggestion, Paul. I had tried that but got the same result.
  5. This should be simple but I can't get it to work. I'm processing rows in an Excel table. They are not always processed sequentially as sometimes rows have to be filtered out until data is corrected so, in order to see which rows have been processed once the filter is removed I would like to mark the processed rows in some way e.g change the text to italic or do something exotic like colour processed rows. Colouring the rows may be tricky as there are no keyboard shortcuts in Excel 2007 that I know of that will do that so for simplicity I tried the italics with, after selecting the row:
  6. Many thanks, Kevin. I'm on my way. I found that the character between cells is a tab - ascii 9. Maybe the last char in the row will be the cr/lf.
  7. I'm currently copying umpteen cells from a row in an Excel sheet putting each cell's data into variables. It's painfully slow so I'm trying to speed things up by copying the whole row into a text variable and then copying each "cell's value" of that variable into separate variables. Each "cells value" is separated by a CR/LF so I could, possibly, find the position of each CR/LF and copy that bit of the original variable to the new variable but how do I find the position of the CR/LF? I can't type CR/LF in "get position of text" dialogue. Maybe I could change CR/LF into ^ which never
  8. John, Thanks for the help , much appreciated. I still haven't solved the prob but I haven't been able to try all your suggestions yet. I've made sure nothing else is running and 9 times out of 10 it runs Ok. Then, just when I'm thinking we've cracked it it hangs. I'll try playing with delays and see if there's any improvement.
  9. I have several macros that switch from an application to an Excel spreadsheet, copy data and then switch back to the application to paste the data. I use, for example, <ACTIVATE2:CREDIT CARD TRANSACTIONS .xlsx> Usually this works OK but occasionally the macros do not switch to Excel. The Excel tab at the bottom of the screen will wink orange a couple of times and then stays orange. Anyone any ideas why and how to stop this happening?
  10. Thanks Paul. I tried that without improvement but it started a few grey cells working so I put in long delays between every line together with text box displays to see exactly what was happening. After a lot of playing around it finally dawned on me that a window was popping up during the save process that I was not waiting for. The delay, or lack of it, was sufficient to cause the macro to throw the wobbly. Timing is everything. Thanks for taking the time to respond.
  11. This seems so simple I'm almost embarrassed to ask but... I've been using a macro for six months and the bit that's now causing me grief worked fine until recently - maybe I tweaked something elsewhere in the macro when trying to make it more reliable.... Amongst other things the macro downloads a file from the Internet which it saves as a .csv file. I need the macro to type in the .csv extension on the end of the automatically entered file name which is highlighted. I code: Text Type: <END>.csv When run the file name disappears and all that is left is the "v"
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