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  1. We do not use Photoshop here, but have you tried using the Repeat with Windows / Repeat End construct to get a list of windows? Not sure if it can grab Photoshop sub-windows.
  2. I don't use the Codebox tags, but I will check with Invision to see if they can help. In the mean time, use the Wrap in code tags icon instead. It is right above this edit box (last in the line). Just move your mouse over the icons and you will see the names of them. I appreciate the suggestions, but as to deleting posts, well ... it's best to let the system administrator do it. Also, when you post a reply, it is like going to a new web page: sometimes it will happen instantly while at other times it seems to drag on forever. Either way, just hit the post button once. The status bar at the bottom of your browser should display the progress of the posting.
  3. Your welcome. Rule of thumb for ShortKeys: non-text object = check the box. Life should be so easy hubba-hubba
  4. I am not encountering any problems with either way (mouse or F2). Both work fine for me. Now, it doesn't work when the Do Not Remove Keystrokes Typed checkbox is not checked. Without checking the box, you are telling Macro Express to backspace over what you just typed. And what happens when you backspace in Windows Explorer? You climb the folder tree, possibly all the way up to your desktop.
  5. Nice touch Paul. Very good. Very good, indeed!
  6. Gentlemen, let's not let this discussion get out of hand. I understand what all of you are saying. If there is a problem with ShortKeys and the clipboard, so be it, and vice-versa ... but keep the discussion civil.
  7. joe


    Some of you will notice that I've closed a handful of topics to further discussion. This is my first step in bringing civility and common sense back to the forum before it gets too far out of hand. The next step, which will happen shortly, is to delete some individual posts. Which posts? Well, those that serve no other purpose but to impugn the integrity of others, and those that attempt to thread-jack topics. Neither situation can be tolerated. And they won't be. I've already waited too long to take action. This forum is unmoderated and I intend to keep it that way for as long as possible. Please consider the following before posting something: The problem you are posting about is important. But it is more important to you than it is to others. Human nature. When creatures from, say, Alpha Centauri start posting, it will no longer be human nature, but for now it is. We all want to help, but not nearly as badly as you want help. When you post a problem, keep your post as short as possible. Again ... human nature. Long posts tend to get ignored ... too much work involved, I guess. Rule of thumb: one post equals one problem. The best way to confuse an issue is to mix other problems with it. The answer or suggestion you get back may not be to your liking. Or it might be. Who knows? The point is, someone is trying to help and you should respect that. Most people cannot read minds. This is a *very* fortunate thing. So, if you think that people don't understand your particular problem, then maybe the problem needs to be stated differently. Personal attacks. On any forum you will find people that will grate your nerves because you don't think they understand your problem. Your choices are to ignore them, ask for a clearer answer, or attempt to win them over to your point-of-view. Your choices DO NOT include, impugning their integrity, questioning their heritage, or ... fill in the blanks. You get the idea. After this, I will no longer give a warning before deleting a post. However, I will give you fair warning if you are about to be banned. This community has grown exponentially since its meager beginnings back in 2004, when it was converted from a mailing list to a forum. My intention is to keep it growing. The more participating members there are, the better for everyone involved. So, don't make be ban anyone. This post is closed to further discussion.
  8. Pandora? Ah, Zeus' punishment to mankind for obtaining fire ... the first woman. Hey! c'mon everyone, relax. It's just a fable, right? In your case, yes. I say that only because it appears that you have no problem using the Macro Express's file processing commands, and that's great. They do a real fine job, and I prefer them (mostly) over internal scripts. In reality, ADO returns SQL-style record sets. However, a script can convert them to CSV or text files easy enough. Yes and no. I can give you something to wet your appetite for Excel, but not Access. Maybe, you could take it from there. Or if someone else here has any Access database experience, that would be great, too!
  9. I do not know, but the ADO Open command (which you would use as part of the script), allows for a User ID and Password.
  10. Well, yes, it's clear as mud. What I'm thinking is it almost sounds like you could query the Access table for information when you need it as Macro Express is processing the data. Does this sound correct? This can be done with VBScript and ADO commands. Let me point out however, that we've done this sort of thing with Excel, but never with Access. I can't imagine, though, that it would be that different.
  11. From what I'm reading, you have an Access database that contains data required by some macros in order to run. Furthermore, this data changes periodically, and when it does, you need to run these macros again using the new data. Is this correct? Do these same macros ever need to write the data back?
  12. Watch the language. Save it for other forums, not this one.
  13. You'll need to look at the Repeat/Repeat End commands.
  14. Although there are Wait for (Left, Middle, Right) Mouse Click commands, there is not one that allows you to loop as you are waiting. These simply stop the macro until a mouse button is clicked.
  15. I'm fairly certain this is by design. The system macros cannot be changed, disabled or deleted, so it makes sense that their HotKeys cannot be removed. No. Absolutely not. Macros that you create are not required to have a HotKey. I've no dog in this hunt, Insight can change it if they want, but it seems that since you understood what was meant by "available", it makes no sense to change what it says.
  16. Kevin means that MeProc.exe /A**MEX Name** is a command-line execution. These cannot be prevented from being cached.
  17. Macro Express Feature Request page. I like the idea, Rustywinger
  18. Well, I'm not sure which posting rules those would be. You would need to build something into the macro to stop it automatically. Something like: "Hey, if this file, or Registry Value, or Environment Variable exists now, then I quit. Otherwise, I will loop again." And no, with Macro Express 3 only a single macro can be run at any given time. Floyd and I have, in the past, gotten two to run, but that was through VMWare sessions. It may be a possibility for you. I'll assume that you've already attempted some stability with this approach. Not directly. It can, however control a VBScript that does. Two things I've got to tell you right off the bat: 1) We (er, Professional Grade Macros) are working on an Excel/Macro Express interface that will do exactly what you want, but it won't be ready for a while yet. 2) Most of the work I do for one particular client is all Excel/Macro Express/VBScript. it's beautiful to see in action. What you need to learn is Excel's DOM (document object model). You may already know this, I am not sure. No. Randall disappeared. Randall and his website disappeared. Randall, his website, and the files you want disappeared. I will say no more about the files except that Randall DID try and some of the work WAS great. Okay, that question is a setup for: "It depends" Absolutely. Use the Macro Pause command. Sort of. In Macro Express 3 there is no "Update message box function". You can, however have more than a single message box that simulates what you are asking. Simply display a new Text Box on top of the old one and then use the Text Box Close command to close the old one.
  19. Glad to hear you're safe Cory!
  20. You will need to create an internal Excel VBA macro for the workbook and run it at the point you want to save.
  21. Welcome, Create a macro with a single line: Macro Run: Terminate Macro Express Then set its schedule for whatever time you want it to terminate.
  22. We here at Professional Grade Macros have found the upgrades to be seamless. We change existing client macros to take advantage of features in new releases, but only if there is a real reason to do so, and only if the client is adding to, or changing something in, their macro.
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