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  1. Floyd, Thanks for the help, works great. I hope to have my book soon (had to order via a contracted software vendor for our company) it has been over a week since it was shipped..... I have learned a lot though through reading this board as well as trial and error.
  2. David, Unfortunatly no, there is no status bar or diaglog of any kind.
  3. The problem is two fold. The proprietary program is a graphically enhanced DOS program that appears to open windows for commands (Menu numbers) to be entered. Problem is they are not true windows so you can't just wait on the titled window. Secondly with number of users varying from 100s to 10,000s speed on the network can vary drastically. We have played with all the various wait, delay and pause options and found that if we don't just delay the macro for several seconds data is posted in the wrong place (while waiting for the simulated window to appear) and causes the program to error out because the pasted data is not acceptable in the field it was pasted to. ME has greatly sped up the data entry process but because the 3rd party program and network have issues, it still takes hours to run a few thousand records due to the delay at each step. Currently one record takes about 45 seconds to process.
  4. I have orderd ME Explained, but in the meantime, I am trying to separate items in an Excel cell into multiple cells. I started with a Word Table that had bullitted formatting and needed it into Excel. Due to all the formatting it would not move cleanly. I have it all moved correctly now except one column. Each cell in the column contains data as shown here: *Document Users*Educate users and leadership on appropriate access controls and passwords*Place “Authorized Personnel Only” Sign on all entrances*Long Term*On going review of current procedures*Yearly review What I would like to do is set a Macro to copy each bullit and all text until the next bullit, assign that to a variable and repeat the process until each string in the cell is assigned a variable. There could be a maximum of 10 bullited strings. I would then paste each variable to a specific cell within Excel. So the finished product might look like this: Cell AA1 - *Document Users Cell AA2 - *Educate Users and leadership on appropriate access controls and passwords. Cell AA3 - *Place "Authorized Personnel Only" Sign on all entrances etc..... I then need to repeat the whole process for each cell in the column that contains data. I would then delete the original column and have another macro paste all of the info in the spreadsheet to appropriate places in an HTML form. I can do all of this except break the cell apart. Any ideas??? Rick
  5. Thanks, The 200msec works great. I have longer up to 5 sec delays because the 3rd party program is over a network that from time to time has serious speed issues.
  6. I have several fields in Excel I am tring to copy and assign to a variable for use in a 3rd party software. The first variable is an Excel generated integer that counts records to assign the number of times to repeat the Macro. (%N99% in the example below.) Then cells are assigned T1-T5 in the actual meat of the macro. If I disable N99 and the repeat line everything works great 1 time. If I put them in, T1 copies in Excel but does not get assigned to the variable T1 (identified by using the debug function in the below example) variables T2-T5 work perfectly. All are text fields. I have tried adding delays of up to 4 seconds in between steps but to no avail. Any ideas? <ACTIVATE2:Microsoft Excel_> <CTRLD><TEXTTYPE:<HOME>c_><CTRLU> <DIS:<TVAR2:99:03:>_<DIS:<TMVAR2:05:99:99:000:000:>_ <TEXTTYPE:<ENTER><ENTER><ENTER>_> <DELAY:1> <DIS:<REM2:Loop Through Each Row and enter into Meditech_>_ <REP3:02:Center:Center:0001:0:00:> <REM2:Copy Mnemonic from Excel_> <CTRLD><TEXTTYPE:c_><CTRLU> <TVAR2:01:03:> <TEXTTYPE:<TAB><TAB><TAB>_> <REM2:Copy Setup Time from Excel _> <CTRLD><TEXTTYPE:c_><CTRLU> <TVAR2:02:03:> <TEXTTYPE:<TAB>_> <REM2:Copy Cleanup Time from Excel _> <CTRLD><TEXTTYPE:c_><CTRLU> <TVAR2:03:03:> <TEXTTYPE:<TAB>_> <REM2:Copy Duration from Excel _> <CTRLD><TEXTTYPE:c_><CTRLU> <TVAR2:04:03:> <TEXTTYPE:<TAB>_> <REM2:Copy Total from Excel _> <CTRLD><TEXTTYPE:c_><CTRLU> <TVAR2:05:03:> <TEXTTYPE:<ENTER><ENTER>_> <REM2:Debug - Show Variables from Excel_> <TBOX4:T:1:CenterCenter000278000200:000:Variables From Excel_ T1 = %T1% T2 = %T2% T3 = %T3% T4 = %T4% T5 = %T5%
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