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  1. acantor's post in replacing a block of text in notepad/wordpad was marked as the answer   
    What you are trying to achieve is not difficult, but the task is not trivial. It's a real scripting project. I don't think you will find too many volunteers!
    However, I can tell you some of the steps you are likely to need if you try to do it yourself:
    Type Text Control F // Open the Find dialog
    Wait 200 milliseconds
    Type Text <metadata>
    Type Text Enter
    Type Text Escape // Close the Find dialog
    Wait 200 ms
    Type Text <Left arrow> // Turn off selection
    Type Text Shift Control Home // Select to start
    Paste Clipboard
    Wait 500 ms
    Type Text Control s // Save
    Wait 2000 ms
    Type Text Alt F4 // Close the document
    Wait 3000 ms
    Activate XXXX // Make sure Windows Explorer is focused
    Type Text <Down arrow> // Go to next file in Windows Explorer
  2. acantor's post in Menu selection letters on Lt side of menu was marked as the answer   
    Click the "A" icon to modify the Accelerator...

  3. acantor's post in Are Web Pages That Use Controls "Dead"? was marked as the answer   
    Macro Express can detect controls in some programs, but not in browsers.
    However, there are ways to navigate to controls via Macro Express without clicking on x, y coordinates. One approach is to search for unique text near the target, and then either Tab or Shift Tab to the desired control. In pseudo code:
    Type {Control}f ' Find on the page. In some (most?) browsers, F3 does the same thing.
    Delay 100 ms
    Type Surname:
    Type {Enter}
    Delay 100 ms
    Type {Escape} ' Cancel the search
    Delay 100 ms
    Type {Tab}{Tab} ' Tab to the desired field or control
    You will need to play with delays and target text to get this to work reliably.
  4. acantor's post in Repeat until + Repeat Counter was marked as the answer   
    Maybe something like this?
    Variable Set Integer %N1% to 0 Repeat Until %T1% Equals "" // Body of Repeat Loop Variable Modify Integer %N1%: Increment End Repeat // Check the value of %N1%, and decide what to do with it. Switch( %N1% ) Case: 0 // Do this if %N1% = 0 End Case Case: 1 // Do this if %N1% = 1 End Case Case: 2 // Do this if %N1% = 2 End Case Default Case // Do this if %N1% = 3 or more End Case End Switch
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