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  1. My temporary solution is to simply ignore the any additional instances of the program and focus on a specific window (by bringing up the window I want). This way, it will show and hide that window until I accidentally bring up the other window, which then just means I'll have to restart the app. Although another minor issue would be how in order to perform the macro on the specific window, I lose focus on say my web-browser and I have to click it again just to resume work. But I guess that can't be helped, since it only detects keystrokes on the window it's currently focused on.
  2. Alright, I have it working the way it should based on the hidden window idea. Except now I want to have two windows with the same name. How does the program scope work? Both processes have the same names, but I didn't think the macro would run on BOTH processes even though only one was selected.
  3. I like the hiding window idea. Very creative. But I accidentally aborted the macro in between, and now the window is hidden. Is there a way to bring it back without restarting? Also, what if I wanted to unhide the window if I decided to abort? Not really sure if abort is simply stop running on the spot, or if there's anything in between I can do.
  4. I see..my example wasn't the greatest and was pretty general. Then here's another one: Suppose I want to open the help menu for some generic application using the F1 shortcut, but I want it to open up when the app is unfocused. Sending <F1> to the control ME doesn't seem to work in this case. When I tried it on notepad, it types <F1> instead. This example is closer to what I want, but I guess this is also one of the cases where the window itself must be on top in order to run.
  5. I see. I guess there aren't any alternatives that can accomplish it either based on the limitation.
  6. Here's the basic situation: I want the macro to run on a specific window or process that is running the background while being able to browse the web or whatnot. For example if I had notepad open and I wanted it to type the letter "b" a thousand times every 5 seconds for some odd reason, but I wanted to read the news without getting another computer, I can move away from notepad and surf the web while the macro continues to type b in the text editor. I would first set the specific process scope to "notepad.exe", but not sure what to do afterwards. I've tried if the program is running cause the help file says the program can be running in the background, but that didn't work. Question: How to run the macro in specific windows or processes in the background without affecting any other applications?
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