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  1. I have a .txt file containing the following list: name1@email.com,password1 name2@email.com,password2 name3@email.com,password3 name4@email.com,password4 name5@email.com,password5 name6@email.com,password6 name7@email.com,password7 What I need to do (if possible) is: Capture the the email address of LINE 1 (name1@email.com) and save it as variable %T1%. Capture the the password of LINE 1 (password1) and save it as variable %T2%. Then, remove the record from LINE 1 (name1@email.com,password1) and move the next record into LINE 1 (name2@email.com,password2). *All of this done without opening the .txt file but rather processing the file to accomplish these actons. I am using Macroexpress and understand that ME Pro seperates strings, but from what I've read you need to enter a specific number of characters to seperate. These email address' and passwords vary in length. I hope I'm worong and ME Pro can seperate strings by specific characters (in this case ","). Please let me know if my description is insufficient. Thanks for your help!
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