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  1. Thank you kindly for your reply and feedback - however i have an issue with both. The 1st one - how can i make a hotkey abort? does it need to be scripted into the original macro or is there a way of setting it outside of the script you wrote? the 2nd one - this works fine, but it seems i need to hover my mouse over the the mouse activation location i set at a specific time, is there anyway to make it abort ANY time i hover over the specific zone? curently it does not do this, not sure if our aware. the trouble is, if the macro runs indeffinatly and i try to talk to people, during
  2. Im trying to create a macro for a game, I'm half successfull but can't quite get it to work correctly, please help. OK so i have a macro that works( kinda), it simply presses buttons 2-9 witha half second timer between each keytype. I have made this macro programme specific, and within the programme window, have set up a piece of the screen to act as a button to start this command. How can i get this macro to repeat itself untill i press the stop button (part of the screen alocated as a button) again? I use the scripting editor because its easier for me, but in idrect editor it looks
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