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  1. ok i kinda experimented with the first one i had and fixed the things you said. I got the macro to run but then N1 <> N2 it does not run "Heal" Im tring to get it to run "Heal" right when that variable changes
  2. Ok i changed the script like you said. but when i start it it still will not move. And remember im tring to get the macro to run another macro if that pixel changes
  3. Ok i think i fixed it... Does the "End if, End Repeat" need to be at the end of the actions? Or do i even have this right? when i start it it does nothing..
  4. Ok fixed the names. Hopefully that will make it more clearer
  5. Hey guys, Im having some trouble setting up a macro for the game i play. Basically im tring to get a "Shadow Creeper" to run continually until a pixel changes "Health Bar" And when that pixel changes then run "Heal". I got both of the macros running good but i cant seem to get the "shadow creeper" to run "heal" if the pixel changes. Anyway.. here's what i got. Thanks in advance for you help Script 1 "Shadow Creeper" Script 2 "Heal"
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