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  1. As always, thank you Steve. Not only for the workaround, but also for showing me where to report bugs. Alex
  2. The ADD, PROPERTIES, and DELETE button shortcuts in the Variable Tab do not work. You can push ALT+A, ALT+P, or ALT+D OR CTRL+A, CTRL+P, or CTRL+D, but you won't get the desired effect. ALT+A opens properties (not sure how this happened as there is no A in properties) ALT+P opens the Scope Tab (ALT+P also represents the Scope Tab shortcut) ALT+D opens the Debug Menu (ALT+D also represents the Debug Menu shortcut)
  3. 2) I just tested your question number 2 and I didn't note any problems. That is, both ran simultaneously and the shortcut keys I setup in Macro Express launched my Macro Express macros and the shortcut keys I setup in Macro Express Pro launched my Macro Express Pro macros. Now that the results appear that both can run simultaneously, I will probably keep both apps running rather than importing old macros into Macro Express Pro. Alex
  4. That's a neat little work around, I think I'll try that one too. A real multi-form promtp input box would be really nice though. It seems to be a popular request.
  5. Hi: Does anyone know if there is still a 99 variable limit? Thanks. Alex
  6. Yes. I did. The help file is quite helpful. Thanks. By the way, how do you copy and paste code (both Direct and Scripting) into this forumn. What really helped me is copying the direct code into ME, then I clicked Scripting editor and I was able to see what was going on.
  7. I'm kind of very lost. I would like to do Scasper's suggestion, but I am not sure what is meant: Variable Set Integer %N1% to 10\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\Sets N1 to 10 (this will cause your list to start on %T10%) What exactly starts at %T10%? Text File Begin Process: "textfileprocess001.txt" Variable Set String %T2% "<TVAR2:%N1%:01:%T1%\s>" \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\I don't know direct editing, what does this stand for (or look like) in scripting editor? Run Macro in Variable %T2% Text Box Display: Text File Process 001 Variable Modify Integer: Inc (%N1%)\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Not
  8. Thank you for the kind recommendation. In this case, unfortunately, I am setting up a database with 30,000 - 40,000 records. Since the database is Excel, the program receiving the field we are talking about has a bunch of carriage returns. I wonder what would happen if I stripped the HTML Tags out. I'll give that a try.
  9. The macro appears okay, but I am seeing something strange. When I save the CRLF stripped text to a text file, there are no more CRLFs or 0D0As. However, when I save the text to a column in a comma delimited CSV file, the column retains most (perhaps all) of the CRLF/0D0As that existed. I double checked and tested to see if this was happen was true by saving the stripped text results to a text file. I opened the text file in the hex editor and there were no 0D0As anywhere. I copied this text to the clipboard and pasted it into an MS Excel cell and the CRLFs returned. I copied this ba
  10. Hi I am using the Text File Process feature, and I would like to assign each loop to a new string variable. For example, I have a text file with three lines (i.e. red, white, and blue) and would like to assign these colors to variables T1, T2 and T3, respectively. Is there anyway to do this? Thank you.
  11. Very well written. Thank you. I downloaded a hex editor and it looks like I am getting a lot of "OD OA" combinations were the CR/LF's are. Now that I found this out, do you know if there is a solution to getting rid of them (i.e. the OD OA's)? Thank you.
  12. I'm not sure why but only some CR/LF's are replaced // Set Environment variable "CRLF" to cr/lf characters Variable Set %T2% to ASCII Char of 10 Variable Set %T3% to ASCII Char of 13 Variable Modify String: Append %T2% to %T3% Variable Modify String: Save %T3% to Environment Variable // Replace Environment variable "CRLF" in String T1 with space Replace "%CRLF%" with " " in %T1% I am trying to do this in an htm file. I'm not sure if that's the problem. Please help. Thanks.
  13. Well, what do you know? I called support in early May of 2008 with Version 3.7b. Support told me that they knew of the problem and were waiting for a compiler for Vista 64. I left a message a month later (I am an Macro Express addict so one month without ME is like a year for me), but no one responded to my post. Since then there was release 3.7c and 3.7d. None of the notes mentioned that ME was now Vista 64 compliant so I assumed that the problem was being ignored. Until, low and behold, you shed light on the topic for me. That's great!!! I can continue to use my favorite software agai
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